Plastic Chess Pieces No 6 - Amber

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$34.00 USD

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Product Details

Unique transparent plastic Staunton style plastic chess pieces from Europe are a fun alternative to basic club chess pieces.

  • Clear/no felt base
  • Visible mold lines
Pair with your favorite board or one of our suggestions. Recommend 2" or similar square size.
  • King height: 3 3/4"
  • King base: 1 3/8"
  • Set weight: 1lb 3oz
  • 32 Chessmen - 1 Queen per side

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kenley Morrison
What you see is what you get.

Because this set is so unusual and distinctive - and at a low price point for something exotic - I give it 5 stars. Beyond that - when the set arrived it looked fine but 2 days later when I opened the bag I discovered a broken pawn in the center of the bag - hidden from view by the surrounding pieces. I took some photos to show the bag label up close , broken pawn, and a basic picture of everything in one shot - and submitted a request for instructions on what could be done. Chesshouse was wonderful in both their response and speed in dealing with it - and instead of having to go through some tedious process - they immediately sent me a replaccement pawn. Understand this set is just like it looks in the picture and has no weights - so that causes a cheap feel but hey - it is a fantastic inexpensive option for someone who wants a set that will look great on a glass chessboard or to make in interesting novelty set as a gift using a colorful mousepad or vinyl board - which is what I am doing with it. I have found a great response when giving chess sets as gifts if I tailor the appearance and style to each person. Last Christmas I gave out some pink vinyl chess boards with white and pink triple weighted 3.75 " King Staunton style chess pieces and a pink quiver bag and called the set: "The Pink Panther Chess Set" and the interest (just because the ladies like how pretty the set looks) was far greater than I expected and many of their friends are now interested in chess. This clear set I am reviewing was the only reasonable price set that looked good with a "rainbow colored" roll up board - but instead I am putting it together with a "Map of the world" roll up board and calling the set: "An Invisible Man Can Rule the World" (a quote from Claude Reins when he played the Invisible Man) Chess Set - and will most likely go in the most neutral color bag (like grey). This set was bought to be a novelty chess gift for people who don't play chess to generate interest in the game - and for that purpose and the price point - I give it 5 stars along with 5 stars for Chesshouse customer service!

Randy Baker
Amber chess set

nice looking set, well represented in the pictures on the website. I am pairing them with a nice wood chessboard, but will look good on my glass chessboard and marble chessboard. thanks for getting them back in stock. I will be visiting the chess house website regularly.

Gay Johnson
needed set for kids

This is just what we needed. Looks great on the marble board.

Cheshire Plays Chess
A Soda-Proof Chess Set

If you play blitz with players who insist on having a sugared drink sitting next to the board, this is one of the few chess sets I know of that you can wash in the sink. Solid plastic. No weights. No felt. The pieces are just heavy enough to be acceptable for blitz. The tops of the rooks are a weak point that will probably suffer minor chips during blitz. The rest of the pieces look quite sturdy. Even the knights' ears look sturdy. The plastic inside the rooks' towers has texture. A nice detail. Overall, this set is a good way to avoid risking a wood set getting splashed with a sugary, sticky drink.

Chris R
Awesome pieces. Great value

This has to be the coolest chess piece set out there for under $50. Wow. I get compliments every time I have the pieces out. I’ve even started leaving my set out on display between games.
Chess House for the win!

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