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Product Details

Chess anywhere you go! Currently free with any $50 order.

This Magnetic Chess Set by Chess House is close in weight and size to an iPhone 8P.

The highly portable, road trip-friendly chess set fits comfortably in your hand. It folds out in seconds when you want to play.

Pick up or slide the magnetic pieces on the board in any orientation or unsteady environment. Magnetic board design also holds everything together when you let it close.

Best of all it slides easily into a pocket for storage. It even feels soft with its padded design.

It's ideal for personal use or to give as a prize to students.

How to get this FREE OFFER:

1. Add this Pocket Chess item to your cart
2. Order anything else totaling $50 or more and Pocket Chess will be free automatically.
3. Cannot be combined with other free offers.


  • Board size: 6in. x 3in. x 1/2in.
  • Piece size: 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Y
Great Little Set!

Received a complimentary one of these (thanks) with a recent purchase and really a nice surprise!

The quality and design of this is terrific, with some sharp coloring, including the Chess House logo on the cover.

And if you tuck both piece-holder sections underneath (see pics) you've got a perfectly balanced set with notation, too!

I was expecting this to be more flimsy but it's surprisingly well constructed, totally worth the $10, will be ordering more for some of my students!

Benjamin Viscaya

Like it very much. It is very practical.

My favorite freebie

The only reason I even put this in my cart is because it was free. I figured it would end up being forgotten in a drawer or have all the pieces lost within a week. It was expected to be a chintzy diversion and then trash.
However, this set has filled a critical niche in my family's life, namely the relief of boredom on long trips and tedious waits.
The board holds the pieces well and none of them fall off.
It really is the size of a checkbook and fits neatly in a coat pocket or car door cubby.
Size wise it really hangs out on the fringes of playability, so that it isn't so daunting as to prevent you from wanting to play, but it isn't so pleasant that you won't instantly swap it for a larger set as soon as you get home.
This is excellent for the chess player on a hike or traveling on a plane or living in a shoe box or any other scenario where a full size chess board is not an option. It is at its best as an emergency chess fix, and any player would be well served to keep it as such.

Jose Martinez
Play anywhere any time

Didn’t think much of it at first but love being able to have this everywhere I go! An amazing gift for my first purchase!

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