Positional Chess Sacrifices - Suba
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Positional Chess Sacrifices - Suba



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About the Positional Chess Sacrifices - Suba

In chess, sacrificing material is the most dramatic way to try to seize the advantage. Most sacrifices have a forcing aim in mind, but most profound of all are positional sacrifices where the end is impossible to foresee and thus fine judgment, understanding and intuition are required. Such sacrifices are usually a mystery to average players, but acclaimed author and grandmaster Mihai Suba explains the secrets of this technique in entertaining fashion. Mihai Suba is a Romanian GM whose previous book, Dynamic Chess Strategy, was highly acclaimed by the critics and won the BCF Book of the Year prize.


  • 376 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Quality
  • Published: April 16, 2012
  • "In Optija I bought Suba's recent book 'Positional Chess Sacrifices' from him. I like to buy and read new general chess books during tournaments. It is a sort of principle I have to always read a new chess book during events. And Suba's book is so absolutely Suba: confused, messy, insightful, genius and viciously inspiring - just what you need during a tournament. And when you meet the guy every morning on the hotel's terrace, sharing coffees, then there is always something from the book worth talking about." GM Jens Kristiansen, Senior World Champion 2012


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