Roman's Lab #55: A Tribute to Bobby Fischer (Parts 1 and 2)

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About The Roman's Lab #55: A Tribute to Bobby Fischer (Parts 1 and 2)

On this dvd Roman pays Tribute to the Greatest pure Chess genius of all time Bobby Fischer.

  • Never published and never revealed commentary & facts about Fischer's life
  • Evolution of Fischer From age 12
  • How Russia ordered all there greatest G.M.'s to prepare Spassky to Beat Fischer in there 1972 WC Match
  • Fischer requested to meet & play Roman in the eighties
  • Roman will show you his favorite Fischer games these games are Fantastic and rarely analyze.
  • Roman comments on Fischer vs Karpov and who was better Fischer or Kasparov?
  • Bonus included Interview from Karpov on Fischer and he annotates Game 3 of 1972 W.C.
  • Extremely Rare footage from the Fischer Spassky 1992 rematch
In the early eighties Fischer requested to meet and play Roman they played series of 3 and 5 minute games where Roman held and edge in the 3 minute games and Fischer held an edge in the 5 minute games. According to Roman he was at the peek of his game and Fischer was 9 years removed from the World Championship so not to put much credence in the blitz match. According to Fischers agent Bobby had requested to play a match against Roman. She advised against it because Roman was too strong and recommended a young Annad however the match never came to be. I asked Roman what would have happen if you played Fischer in his prime and he said he would have lost.

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