Roman's Lab #68 - Roman and Rybka Perfecting the Opening Series

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Product Details

On this dvd, G.M. Roman together with G.M. Eugene Perelshteyn & Rybka have reinvented the Qd6 Scandinavian. This opening is the best unexplored and underestimated weapon available for Black ever.

What makes this opening so inviting is there is not much to learn, there is easy equality, it can't be refuted, it is rich with tactics, counter play, hidden traps. It has been played with success against World Champion Anand who even prepared before playing against it and still could only manage a draw.

To sum it up, it's legally cheating at chess because with a little amount of effort you will get a high return. Its an opening you cant wait to start playing but you hope no one else finds out about it.


  • Run time: over 1 hour

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