Slay the Spanish! - Taylor
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Slay the Spanish! - Taylor



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About the Slay the Spanish! - Taylor

Former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor presents a repertoire for Black against the universally popular Spanish Opening (Ruy Lopez). The backbone of Black's repertoire is based on the Modern Steinitz Defence, which has justifiably earned a reputation as an important alternative to the main lines. The Modern Steinitz may lead to razor-sharp gambits, such as the Siesta Variation, where just one slip by either player could prove to be fatal. But perhaps the main attraction of the Modern Steinitz is its flexibility, as Black can also choose to play in a more positional and solid manner. Using illustrative games and drawing on his own experiences with the opening, Taylor examines in depth all the critical main lines, as well as what to do if White avoids them. Read this book and get ready to slay the Spanish!


  • A repertoire for Black against the Ruy Lopez
  • Up-to-date theory on the critical lines
  • Covers plans and strategies for both sides.
  • 288 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: April, 2011
  • In all Timothy Taylor's new book is meaty, well organized and full of interesting ideas. - Harvey Lerman Florida Chess
  • I found it to be a very readable and instructive effort on a variation which has rarely been given serious coverage. Club players are the target audience. - Sean Marsh
  • In the end I found this book very beneficial. It works well to make important aspects of the defense understandable. More importantly, the positive points for Black are accentuated without dismissing places that could be trouble. I liked this book and look forward to playing the Modern Steinitz many more times! - NM Bill McGeary
  • A successful repertoire book with fascinating analysis ! - Martin Rieger Rochade Europa


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