SOS Secrets of Opening Surprises 4 - Bosch

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About The SOS Secrets of Opening Surprises 4 - Bosch

Look at your opponent sitting there in blissful ignorance. Fully at ease, everything under control, not a worry in the world. Or so he thinks. He's checked his repertoire, double-checked his main lines. He wanted to come well-prepared and he did. Or did he? Because what he doesn't know is that today is not his day. For the simple reason that he's playing you. And you are going to spring a surprise on him. No main variations today, nothing mainstream, he's going to be initiated into a world of secrets: Secrets of Opening Surprises! Secrets of Opening Surprises brings you a wide variety of unusual opening ideas. They may seem outrageous at first sight, but they have been proven to be perfectly playable. An SOS deviates very early from the regular lines in a mainstream opening, usually even before move six. That is why it is so easy to actually bring the variation on the board. With an SOS you will baffle your opponent, gain crucial time and stand a good chance to get an advantage WITHOUT having studied large quantities of stuffy theory!

Author Jeroen Bosch is an International Master and a prolific chess writer for various chess publications. His thoroughly researched contributions to the New In Chess Yearbooks are highly valued, but he also continues to perplex (and pleasantly surprise) us with the seemingly endless stream of unorthodox opening ideas that he manages to unearth for his SOS column in New In Chess Magazine.


  • Jeroen Bosch - The SOS Files
  • Artur Kogan - A Surprising Scandinavian
  • Jeroen Bosch - The Alapin Opening
  • Sergey Volkov - Attacking the Slav Stonewall
  • Jaan Ehlvest - The Dutch Benoni
  • Jeroen Bosch - The Katalymov Variation
  • Glenn Flear - The Other Long Diagonal
  • Adrian Mikhalchishin - Following Smyslov and Reti
  • Dimitri Reinderman - King's Gambit Vienna 1903
  • Jeroen Bosch - Move-order Your Sicilian Opponent
  • Dorian Rogozenko - An Indian SOS, Part I
  • Dorian Rogozenko - An Indian SOS, Part II
  • Glenn Flear - Patzer Sees a Check
  • Adrian Mikhalchishin - The Bellon Gambit
  • Jeroen Bosch - Kozul's SOS against the Rossolimo
  • Igor Glek & Elena Sedina - Alekhine's Blunder
  • Mikhail Gurevich - Flexibility Zone
  • 144 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: New In Chess
  • Published: 2004
  • "Is a refreshing change from the usual dreary technical works and is definitely not for the bovine. His recommendations are a mixed bag: some are good, some are pretty awful. All are original or, at the very least unusual. Nevertheless, Bosch is someone who clearly thinks about his chess, a quality that distinguishes him from 99 per cent of authors."--Nigel Short, Daily Telegraph
  • "I recommend this book for all thos chess players who don't have time to keep up with main variations, but who do want to pose their opponents problems from early on."--Lex Jongsma, De Telegraaf
  • "A very readable and well produced book about some lesser-known opening variations that deserve a better reputation."--British Chess Magazine
  • "SOS is a sparkling star in the grey sky of theory."--Heinz Brunthaler - Rochade Europa
  • "We are all trying to outsmart our opponents in the opening, and this can be achieved with very little effort using the numerous curve balls that are included. The variations can be exceedingly difficult if you are not prepared."--Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe
  • "No matter what you play, you will find something exciting here."--Chess Today

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