Starting Out: The Scandinavian - Houska

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Product Details

In recent years the Scandinavian has been catapulted into the limelight, and it has now firmly established itself as an opening to be reckoned with. Why has it become popular? Because it's easy to play - in the majority of lines Black relies upon the same system of development. Also there's still relatively little theory when compared to mainline defenses to 1 e4. One further attraction is that it can lead to both tactical and positional play - there is something to suit all styles of player. Opening expert Jovanka Houska has successfully played both sides of the Scandinavian, and in this book she reveals everything you need to know, whether you are playing it as Black or facing it with White. The Everyman Chess Starting Out series has firmly established itself as the leading guide to studying openings for up-and-coming players. These books are distinguished by their easy-to-read layout, the lucid explanations of the fundamentals, and the abundance of notes, tips and warnings to help the reader absorb vital ideas. Starting Out opening books are ideal for enthusiastic chess players who have little experience of the openings in question and who wish to appreciate the essential principles behind them.


  • User-friendly design to assist readers
  • Concentrates on the fundamental principles of the openings
  • Ideal for those looking to improve, club players and tournament players.
  • 320 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: September 2009
  • This is a very good book, with a good balance between theory and explanatory prose that allows players with a wide range of ratings (at least 1700 up to around 2300) to benefit from it. Whether it belongs in the Starting Out series is another question, as I think it is considerably more advanced than that. Of the books written on the Scandinavian in general, this book is clearly the best to date. Practitioners of this opening should definitely pick it up, and those playing 1 e4 as white will also benefit from Houska's mostly objective coverage. Carsten Hansen -
  • A very good update for experienced Scandinavian players and a successful introduction for newcomers. Schachwelt (Germany)
  • Another outstanding book of the 'starting out' series.
  • Top English woman player Jovanka Houska has done an excellent good job in this pleasing addition to Everyman's excellent series of basic opening primers. It is a substantial work with plenty of new ideas to try in club and tournament chess. John Saunders - BCM
  • This is a solid guide to an opening with a growing reputation. The material is presented very well and the author's personality shines through the prose. Scandinavian fans will want this to add to their current libraries and it should also appeal to anyone wanting to add a new weapon to their repertoire.

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