Study Chess with Matthew Sadler - Sadler

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About The Study Chess with Matthew Sadler - Sadler

Matthew Sadler is one of the UK's strongest ever players. He became a grandmaster at 19, won the British Championship twice and, amongst other amazing achievements, made a gold medal winning score of 10/13 on board four for England in the 1996 chess Olympiad. In 2000 Matthew quit full-time chess. However, he re-emerged ten years later in 2010 to play a rapid play tournament in Wageningen, Holland which he promptly won with 7/7. In 2011 he played in strong international events at Barcelona and Oslo and won them with the Fischer-like scores of 8/10 and 8/9 respectively. After a decade away from the game, these results are simply astounding. Matthew's extraordinary ability at chess stems not simply from natural talent but is based on a brilliant aptitude for preparing to play. He understands exactly what needs to be studied and how to go about it. In this book he recounts how he organized the preparation for his comeback and from his results the success of this method is self-evident.

  • Incorporate unorthodox openings into your repertoire
  • Study middlegame situations
  • Understand what is important in the endgame
  • 144 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: October 2012
  • Study chess with Matthew Sadler is a nice look into the brain of a very strong grandmaster. Richard Vedder -
  • Smart, entertaining and relaxed, but rich in content as well absolutely recommended. Uwe Bekemann - (German Corresspondence Chess Assoc.)
  • A little gem in the ocean of chess books. Martin Reiger - Rochade Europa/Schach Zeitung
  • ...Sadler's honesty above all made it a very worthwhile read for me. There is a great deal to learn from his experience. Luke McShane - New in Chess
  • The author shows in this book that he has the special gift to be an original thinker but also can popularize his ideas for the general chess public. Bab en Truus Wilders - Schaakrubriek
  • Grandmaster Sadler has been described as the missing link in the England chess team and we have also missed the writing side of his former career. Let's hope he can find the time to both play and write more in the near future. Sean Marsh - CHESS magazine
  • Study Chess with Matthew Sadler is packed with tips for the practical player. It is full of useful advice that will help you become a better player if you take the time to implement it in your own practice. Michael McGuerty -
  • The book is choc-full with weird and wonderful ideas. Paul Motwani - The Scotsman

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