The Art of Checkmate: New Translation - Renaud / Kahn

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Product Details

  • A classic work and still the clearest guide to typical checkmates in chess
  • In Algebraic chess notation for the first time
  • A thoroughly reworked and accurate translation of the original French edition with fresh analysis and the inclusion of text missing from previous editions
  • Dozens of new diagrams
The Art of Checkmate, first published in Monaco in 1947, has remained one of the most popular and enduring chess books of all time, loved by chess players at all levels. The original translated edition was marred by careless and faulty translation, but now, for the first time, all these mistakes have been rectified, reflecting accurately the author's original work. this is the best and most faithful edition of the book available.

This book offers the reader a systematic classification of all the principal types of checkmate and the procedures required to carry these out in actual play. Each chapter starts with the basic pattern of the checkmate under consideration and is followed by an explanation of the process whereby the mate can be administered. Examples from practical play and test-yourself puzzle positions then reinforce readers' understanding of the mechanics of the individual checkmates and enable them to deliver crushing and even picturesque checkmates in their own games.

Georges Renaud won the French national chess championship in 1923 and represented his country in international competitions for the next 10 years. Victor Kahn emigrated from Russia to France in the early 20th century and became one of that country's leading players as well as a prolific author and successful chess teacher. He won the French title in 1934 and was a member of France's Olympic chess team.

  • 240 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Batsford
  • Published: 2015

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