The Greatest Ever Chess Endgames - Giddins

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Chess players are known to be obsessed by openings. However, world champions have recommended that up-and-coming players should actually begin by studying the endgame first. This is because only by studying simplified positions can one fully develop an understanding of how chess pieces work - both in isolation and with each other. It is also the endgame where the true depth and subtlety of chess is revealed. In this instructive and entertaining book, renowned endgame expert Steve Giddins selects 50 of the finest examples of endgame play in the history of chess. Giddins examines each example in great detail and uses them to demonstrate the essential principles of high-quality endgame play. This book is full of essential guidelines and tips which all players should follow if they want to become a successful endgame player.


  • 50 examples of brilliant endgame play
  • Examines key endgame strategies
  • Ideal for players of all levels
  • 90 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: February, 2012
  • I like this book. A broad education awaits the purchaser. (Full marks to Horatio Monteverde who designed the smart cover) - BCM
  • It's great to see these classic endgames refreshed and ready for a new audience. This is a very well written and extremely instructive volume - Sean Marsh: CHESS
  • Giddins has written an entertaining and instructive book that should find a wide audience from club players right up to 2400. - John Donaldson: Today
  • Because Giddins is such an enthusiastic guide - and rates highly as an astute curator too - an educational and entertaining experience is guaranteed. It's a fine book. - Paul Kane: Manchester Chess Federation
  • A real highlight! - Martin Rieger: Rochade Europa
  • I was entertained and educated while reading this book. Readers who are unfamiliar with the examples will learn and benefit even more. For players rated from 1500 to 2200, this book should provide both entertainment and good instruction - Carsten Hansen:

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