The Library Collector Series Chess Set and Board Combination - Rosewood

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Product Details

Featuring a 3.0" King with 1.5"diameter base, the library sized chess pieces are hand carved by master artisans and crafted out of boxwood and rosewood. Heavily weighted with gold embossed English Leather base pads under the Kings and luxurious billiard cloth base pads on the other chess pieces, it's a beautiful finish.

The Collector Series Library Chess Set has been crafted to replicate the design and proportions of the original Staunton pattern Chessmen, registered by Nathaniel Cook in March of 1849 and first manufactured by Jaques of London in September 1849. The distinctive feature of this set is the the open-mitered Bishop and Knight design, which is modeled after the noble steeds from the Greek Parthenon (Elgin Marbles.)

The chess set exemplifies a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality. It has been designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining an elegance which has become the hallmark of a House of Staunton chess set. Each set consists of 34 Chessmen, including four Queens.

A personalized Certificate of Authenticity and an original manufacturer's plaque indicate the production number, with an adhesive backing that allow it to be affixed to the underside of a Chess box.

The Chessmen are new and come housed in a Classical Tiroir Display Chess box that features two drawers with individual compartments for piece storage. The House of Staunton logo is silk screened on the h1 square. The Chessboard has 1.75" Squares and features Walnut (dark) and Maple (light) squares with a Cherry frame. The Classical Tiroir Display Chess has an overall size of 17.5" x 17.5" x 4.5" and has a satin finish. Has felt pads at each corner to slightly elevate board from surface and protect from scratches.

  • King size: 3"
  • Base size: 1.5"
  • 34 pieces (two extra queens)
  • Board size: 17.5"
  • Square size: 1.75"

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Tofel

I suspected the pieces would be a it larger, but they were still quite acceptable. The board was as expecred. Thank you

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