The Ragozin Complex - Barsky

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About The The Ragozin Complex - Barsky

The Ragozin Complex is a flexible and versatile chess opening system that, despite its popularity, rarely has been a subject of serious study in chess literature. A hybrid of the Queens Gambit and the Nimzo-Indian Defence, the Ragozin featured in a famous book by Soviet theoretician Lipnitsky in the 1950s. Bobby Fischer decided to learn Russian to be able to read that work and immediately afterwards started playing the Ragozin. In recent years the Ragozin has had a tremendous revival and is now being used at top level by players like Vladimir Kramnik, Levon Aronian and Vasily Ivanchuk. In this book, the first monograph on this important system, acclaimed chess author Vladimir Barsky provides a comprehensive coverage of themes and variations, both for Black and for White. For the first time in history, amateur players can acquaint themselves with the important Ragozin System and start playing this flexible opening with confidence.

  • 272 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: New In Chess
  • Published: December, 2011
  • Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe: "With a significant volume of original analysis and improvements over existing theory. The chapters are loaded with detailed explanations of strategic and tactical ideas based on pawn structures and piece play. Barsky has written an amazing book."
  • Peter Doggers, ChessVibes: "A wonderful guide (..) It's quite amazing that there hadn't appeared a book on the Ragozin before (..) One of the better opening books I have seen in recent years."
  • IM John Donaldson, at "It seems hard to believe that a popular and well respected defense is receiving full-fledged treatment for the first time in half a century! (..) Presently this system is seen predominantly at the professional level but this book should make this aggressive defense popular with those in the amateur ranks."
  • Martin Rieger, Europa Rochade Magazine: "A delightful freshness keeps the reader in thrall (..) A fantastic opening book and a labor of love."

Series: New In Chess Publishing

Opening: Queen's Gambit

Opening: Nimzo Indian Defense

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