The Sniper: Play ...g6, ...Bg7 and ...c5! - Storey

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About The The Sniper: Play ...g6, ...Bg7 and ...c5! - Storey

The Sniper is a dynamic and universal opening weapon for Black which can be used against all mainline openings. Black's system of development with ...g6 and ...Bg7 initially allows White to occupy the center but, in true hyper-modern style, Black strikes back immediately with ...c5. The Sniper can lead to original or barely-known positions in which Black can strive for the initiative. It's also rich in move-order possibilities, with potential transpositions into Sicilian, King's Indian or Benko-type positions. FIDE Master Charlie Storey has spent years refining his favorite opening, successfully testing it out against players of all levels. In this book he reveals all his secrets, recommends his favorite lines for Black and provides you with everything you need to know about this fascinating opening.

  • A repertoire for Black against 1 e4 and 1 d4
  • Packed full of creative and original ideas
  • Explains typical plans and tactics for both sides.
  • 176 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: February, 2011
  • It is clear that FM Storey has worked very hard on The Sniper (both the opening and the book). It looks set to be one of the most interesting opening books of 2011. Sean Marsh -
  • I have been so impressed by Charlie Storey's book covering the Pterodactyl variation included in his new openings manual The Sniper (Everyman Chess or that I have decided it is worth revisiting. The Pterodactyl variation consists of a kind of chess openings philosophy all of its own. First of all it can be used against virtually any White opening whilst secondly it is based on a blatant attempt to rip any large white pawn center to shreds by the most violent of means. A further virtue is that the relatively small exploration of the airspace so far means that highly creative situations can arise. Raymond Keene - The Spectator
  • A very sound and interesting new opening and if your opponent doesn't know the tricks he will surely loose his advantage of the first move. Bab en Truus Wilders - Nederlands Dagblad
  • One has to admire Mr Storey for brimming with enthusiasm as he uses game after game to convince the reader to switch to his pet line. I am not entirely convinced that Anand will be changing his repertoire but it does not pretend to be for superstars but to facilitate players rated above 1400 to try something different. A good idea is to be practical for weekend tournament players or team matches, so for example there are chapters on the Closed Sicilian and the Grand Prix Attack against the Sniper. A delight to read. Gary Lane - Chess Moves (ECF Magazine)
  • The Sniper is an ambitious project to provide a one system setup for Black. There is much that is original and the author's passion for his subject matter shows on every page but so does a clear bias for Black that sometimes goes too far and causes him to omit or overlook strong possibilities for White. John Donaldson - Chess Today

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