The Square Off Pro Chess Set

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About The The Square Off Pro Chess Set

This smart chessboard that is not only AI enabled and globally connected, it also is completely rollable - a portable board game! This novel chessboard comes with interactive lighting to further enhance your experience on the board. With one-tap smartphone connectivity, you can play others across the globe. Or you can simply play against the many adaptive AI levels. The board is an ideal size for chess students as well as professionals.

With immersive app features integrated seamlessly on the board, Pro has made the world of chess exciting and thrilling and it’s own unique way. Play, learn and enjoy the game on this innovative board that moves your gaming adventure up a notch!

NOTE: This Square Off design does not move the pieces on its own.

ELO Ratings:

  • Level 1: 800
  • Level 2: 900
  • Level 3: 1100
  • Level 4: 1200
  • Level 5: 1326
  • Level 6: 1360
  • Level 7: 1404
  • Level 8: 1449
  • Level 9: 1493
  • Level 10: 1550
  • Level 11: 1671
  • Level 12: 1716
  • Level 13: 1842
  • Level 14: 1983
  • Level 15: 2116
  • Level 16: 2205
  • Level 17: 2295
  • Level 18: 2606
  • Level 19: 3185
  • Level 20: 3380

What’s in the box:

  • E-Chessboard with Magnetic sensors
  • Embedded Interactive Lights
  • 34 Weighted Chess pieces
  • In-built rechargeable battery
  • USB-C charging cable

Tech Specs:

  • King Height: 3.75"
  • King base: 1.563 ( 1 9/16")
  • Battery duration : 5 hrs of continual play 
  • Square size: 2 inch
  • Overall size: 21 1/4" x 18" Surface
  • Board weight: 2.2lbs

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Rob Green
So very near, but yet so far.

The Square Off Pro is a fantastic board offering true portability, club / tournament board and pieces size, with game recording and an excellent battery life.
BUT. But but but.........
There are some HUGELY significant improvements which could be made to the performance of the Square Off Pro which would solve MAJOR problems in use.

1. The most important of these is that in a game, merely touching or brushing a square while moving across a row or diagonal causes the board to recognise the slight touch or first square of a slide as THE move, instead of as an accidental touch or indeed a slide enroute to the actual intended square.

The board also does not allow a player to pick up a piece, place it without letting go and then move the same piece to a different square, as is allowed under standard rules.

The process of recovering this by the opponent having to make a move and then on the first player's turn doing an Undo, which takes time, is completely impractical in any kind of competive situation. Particularly as the opponent would not want you viewing a chess app of any kind.

2. Promoting a pawn involves using the app to select the piece, which in a timed game particularly at the end can be very stressed with sub-second moves against the clock.

It ought to be possible for the board to simply sense the replacement piece without further involvement of the app.

3. Setting up a position for analysis would be far better if it could be set once on the board without having to set it up on the app as well, which makes the board itself the 'star' and highly useful. Particularly if the app would record game fragments automatically and without having to enter in opponents names etc etc; just record it as an unnamed game fragment.

My suggestion to resolve all three problems described above, does not need variations to the hardware, but could be implemented using firmware and app updates only.

It is this:


(If implementation of this using 'any piece' was unduly difficult then it could be done by the picking up and tapping down of either of the Kings, which of course by definition would always be present on a board.)

In a competitive game situation this would obviously be seen by the opponent and would not present a problem particularly when cleared / explained / agreed in advance.

It would allow all three situations, particularly the first two, to allow the game to proceed normally and at the pace of the game without long and unfeasible interruptions.

For practical purposes the game recording could have a double underline or a symbol such as // inserted at that point, which could be manually edited out of the PGN before uploading the game to an analysis engine.

I would anticipate this could be implemented without hardware changes, and very probably without it being a major software upgrade problem.

Bridget Offermann
Let Down by Square Off's Service

I was initially excited about the innovative Square Off Pro Chess Set, but my experience with Square Off as a company has been extremely disappointing. The primary issue has been the prolonged delays in delivery. Promised timelines were consistently pushed back, and communication from Square Off was minimal and uninformative, leaving me in the dark about the status of my order.

Furthermore, when reaching out for updates, responses were either generic or entirely lacking, showing a disregard for customer concerns. This lack of customer support and transparency has overshadowed the potential of their innovative product.

While the concept of the Square Off chess set is intriguing, the execution in terms of customer service and reliability from the company has been deeply underwhelming. For those considering a purchase from Square Off, I'd advise caution based on my experience with their customer service.

Bradford Smith
board does not lay flat

After three days under several books, the board is still not flat. There are air bubbles apparently between layers of the board itself making little mountains all over the board. The pieces are not heavy enough to flatten them out, and some will simply slide to the adjacent square. There's no way to keep them in place.

Sadly it is entirely unusable.

A Broader Range of Chess Fun...

I'm waiting for some info . to determine if the review/ title are in sync... I'd like to see just how far my purchase will take me into an online stream currently in likeness of YouTube sensation Coffee Chess ...

Marcel Boutheon
Quick, easy and effective

The ease to develop SquareOff pro everywhere, in house or else, makes this set an universal tool to play.
Another characteristic I appreciate is its tournament dimensions, allowing to play with a lot of nice personnal chessmen sets. The attached example shows
medieval armies ready for a dramatic battle! Simply adding small magnets under the chessmen bases suffises to addapt them to the SqareOff Pro board. Pairing the board with a phone works quickly and easily. As I am not an on-line player against the world, I am happy to play the internal motor (Stockfish 14). And you can select the conditions to help you.
In other words, I recommand this - very - portable board and set, often above your expectations. Thanks Sqare Off.
My I add an aside comment: I ordered this set at Chess House given the delay and lack of informations related to my direct order to SquareOff which apparently was taken weeks to be delivered....Owning two same sets was ok for me: my grandson appreciated the gift!!! But next time, go with Chess House, you will be sure to get your object, quick and right.