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Product Details

This smart chessboard that is not only AI enabled and globally connected, it also is completely rollable - a portable board game! This novel chessboard comes with interactive lighting to further enhance your experience on the board. With one-tap smartphone connectivity, you can play others across the globe. Or you can simply play against the many adaptive AI levels. The board is an ideal size for chess students as well as professionals.

With immersive app features integrated seamlessly on the board, Pro has made the world of chess exciting and thrilling and it’s own unique way. Play, learn and enjoy the game on this innovative board that moves your gaming adventure up a notch!

NOTE: This Square Off design does not move the pieces on its own.

ELO Ratings:

  • Level 1: 800
  • Level 2: 900
  • Level 3: 1100
  • Level 4: 1200
  • Level 5: 1326
  • Level 6: 1360
  • Level 7: 1404
  • Level 8: 1449
  • Level 9: 1493
  • Level 10: 1550
  • Level 11: 1671
  • Level 12: 1716
  • Level 13: 1842
  • Level 14: 1983
  • Level 15: 2116
  • Level 16: 2205
  • Level 17: 2295
  • Level 18: 2606
  • Level 19: 3185
  • Level 20: 3380

What’s in the box:

  • E-Chessboard with Magnetic sensors
  • Embedded Interactive Lights
  • 34 Weighted Chess pieces
  • In-built rechargeable battery
  • USB-C charging cable

Tech Specs:

  • King Height: 3.75"
  • Battery duration : 5 hrs of continual play 
  • Square size: 2 inch
  • Overall size: 21 1/4" x 18" Surface
  • Board weight: 2.2lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Martin Castillo
Not perfect but completely worth it

I bought the Square Off Pro mostly to practice endgames against the AI (without having to stare at a screen all the time). So far it has worked very well for me, you can set up the pieces for different game situations and play against AI. I think there is a lot that the app could improve on such as the interface, getting rid of the coins/points system, and making it easier to save a position to play it many times without having to copy/paste the FEN every time. You have to be careful about how you move the pieces because if you make a different move from what the board indicates the game freezes and you cannot keep playing, but if you are careful you can even promote pawns without a problem.

Achraf Ibriz

I've just received my pack (Square off pro with a deluxe bag), from US to Morocco, on time. I've been constantly being assisted by ChessHouse thanks to the team particularly Paul for his kindness, availability, guidance and assistance with FedEx for customs clearance.
The package is in a excellent condition, and the Square of pro, is absolutely another dimension


La estrega fue realmente muy rápida, el equipo llego en buen estado, gracias

Amber Yukina
Nice Board, Horrible App

Matchmaking with lichess just doesn't seem possible. Connecting with my account was not possible for me. Matchmaking with their own service resulted in no game found majority of the time. On top of this, they have a gold and gem system found in cash grab mobile apps... After buying a board at this cost, the experience with the app has destroyed their reputation for me. My app review been deleted mutiple times, so don't trust the app store reviews.

The board itself is honestly lovely, but the online component is important to me and that just doesn't work.

Melvin SchwartzMelvin Schwartz
Excellent Value

There are, in my opinion, some great features and one not so good feature. What I like most are these features:

1. You can play against AI and download/Share and then email to yourself and open with chess software, such as Hiarcs or Arena with loaded engine. You can then replay game and analyze. You can also do that using the Square Off App. I have not used the online features as I only play against the AI. Now that brings me to the next feature I like, the levels. Unlike Centaur that has just 3 levels, this one has 20 levels! You have ELO 800 up to over 3000. There are even more features but one feature I must say is not to my liking, the clock ticks for me after AI indicates a move. Now I have to move that piece and while doing so, my clock is also moving. While that makes sense for online play, not good for play against AI.

I've had the set for over a week and the board is still not perfectly flat. That issue is not deterring me from playing a game, just have to mention it as a minor annoyance.

The pieces are tournament size and look good. The board is easy to navigate and piece movement is generally okay.

Before making this purchase, I was hesitant to buy any chess computer requiring a phone or tablet. Now, with my new cell phone and 6 inch screen, I like the idea of phone or tablet. The phone or tablet works nicely showing moves on the board as well as the clock. I will say the way Centaur lights up squares is to me more intuitive then how this unit does it, though just a minor quibble.

Personally, I like this better than the Centaur unit. The features of more levels and replaying/analyzing on my computer with chess software and nice screen to see moves on board are the major differences. Of course, for those that like to play online, that is another feature this has over Centaur. With the price of both units fairly close with this being less costly, overall that makes this unit an excellent value!

Chess House ships fast! They ship same day you order, and their service is second to none. You can call and someone is usually there to help you. Great service and shipping time and my personal preference for making a purchases related to chess, and that is

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