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Product Details

This smart chessboard that is not only AI enabled and globally connected, it also is completely rollable - a portable board game! This novel chessboard comes with interactive lighting to further enhance your experience on the board. With one-tap smartphone connectivity, you can play others across the globe. Or you can simply play against the many adaptive AI levels. The board is an ideal size for chess students as well as professionals.

With immersive app features integrated seamlessly on the board, Pro has made the world of chess exciting and thrilling and it’s own unique way. Play, learn and enjoy the game on this innovative board that moves your gaming adventure up a notch!

NOTE: This Square Off design does not move the pieces on its own.

ELO Ratings:

  • Level 1: 800
  • Level 2: 900
  • Level 3: 1100
  • Level 4: 1200
  • Level 5: 1326
  • Level 6: 1360
  • Level 7: 1404
  • Level 8: 1449
  • Level 9: 1493
  • Level 10: 1550
  • Level 11: 1671
  • Level 12: 1716
  • Level 13: 1842
  • Level 14: 1983
  • Level 15: 2116
  • Level 16: 2205
  • Level 17: 2295
  • Level 18: 2606
  • Level 19: 3185
  • Level 20: 3380

What’s in the box:

  • E-Chessboard with Magnetic sensors
  • Embedded Interactive Lights
  • 34 Weighted Chess pieces
  • In-built rechargeable battery
  • USB-C charging cable

Tech Specs:

  • King Height: 3.75"
  • King base: 1.563 ( 1 9/16")
  • Battery duration : 5 hrs of continual play 
  • Square size: 2 inch
  • Overall size: 21 1/4" x 18" Surface
  • Board weight: 2.2lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Marcel Boutheon
Quick, easy and effective

The ease to develop SquareOff pro everywhere, in house or else, makes this set an universal tool to play.
Another characteristic I appreciate is its tournament dimensions, allowing to play with a lot of nice personnal chessmen sets. The attached example shows
medieval armies ready for a dramatic battle! Simply adding small magnets under the chessmen bases suffises to addapt them to the SqareOff Pro board. Pairing the board with a phone works quickly and easily. As I am not an on-line player against the world, I am happy to play the internal motor (Stockfish 14). And you can select the conditions to help you.
In other words, I recommand this - very - portable board and set, often above your expectations. Thanks Sqare Off.
My I add an aside comment: I ordered this set at Chess House given the delay and lack of informations related to my direct order to SquareOff which apparently was taken weeks to be delivered....Owning two same sets was ok for me: my grandson appreciated the gift!!! But next time, go with Chess House, you will be sure to get your object, quick and right.

Ian Smith
Good chess set , average app

The square off pro is a good chess computer for playing against other people on sites such as lichess. The app needs attention , especially when you are using it for its built in functions. Example when You start a game against it and the abort you need to restart the app AND board or it thinks it is still on the game and will not let you set up a pre built endgame or middle game etc.

Kurt Vos
Buggy and Bumpy

The roll out board would not lay flat, and after 7 days of leaving it lay out on a flat surface it is still not flat. At least; the pieces are not moving off the squares by themselves any more. I have only finished about 40% of the games I have attempted with the AI because LEDs start flashing , the board locks up and the game refuses to reset. I have requested to Square Off to return the product or replace it by email as I was instructed, and I have heard back from them after 2 days that my request has been elevated and I will get another response in 2 more days.

Martin Lambert
I'm enjoying the e-board, others may not

As designed the SquareOff Pro is a great, innovative product. Here are my pros and cons.
- auto-recording of OTB games
- playing OTB against online opponents at slower time controls, e.g. 10+10
- compact-ish (in its product box)
- useful options to play against app engine
- ChessHouse is a great supplier (trying to buy direct from Square Off for international delivery was not a good experience)
- the in-board firmware and app (especially) is very buggy, but this should be completely fixable over time if Square Off make the effort. The bugginess only screws up games < 5% of the time (currently).
- working around the bugginess (e.g. recovery from error states) takes patience and a little adjustment (e.g. in how one moves the pieces) from the board owner
- the Square Off community is too small to be useful for online play
- the Lichess app integration (I haven't tried yet) is still poor and only just on the right side of usable (bugs = big rating losses because the ELO matching doesn't seem to work)
- playing against the AI (engine) is very useful, but Stockfish's skill levels (to make the engine beatable) is clunky (obviously dumb moves to lower it's ELO) and not very human. But learning to accurately win against a handicapped engine is clearly useful and playing out endgame positions is great.
- the price is a bit eye-watering, especially for international customers (to the UK cost +£50 for fedex and +£60 for customs).

So, bottom line, the SquareOff Pro is a very cool chess tech with definite benefits (for learning and playing chess). The hardware is fantastic. The software is early days and SquareOff need to be careful it doesn't devalue the hardware. The price/value is up to the buyer but I'm happy so far, hence 4*. When I worry I worry about the long-term reliability and reparablity of the sensor wiring in the foldable board element (already received/replaced one defective board).

Thank you for your feedback on this product. We have had other customers report that the Square Off Pro can be very sensitive to piece placement and does seem to require pieces to be well centered in the square as well as moves not made in rapid succession in order to avoid issues, maybe more so compared to the Pegasus and eOne.

Regarding App connection issues, having worked with nearly all the available electronic boards and seeing issues related to all of them, it is important to point out that Chess servers such as LiChess and are an essential part of that equation. It has been noted that a number of syncing issues (and not just with Square Off) have been due to API limitations and the way they have been coded.

As you suggested, with time (and enough complaints) the APIs should be made more robust.

Hugh Whelan
Board does exactly what I was looking for

I purchased the Square Off Pro in order to get better at over the board play. I find playing on a screen does not replicate the perspective of looking at a physical board. I have used it to play others on Lichess and and it works well for those venues. I have not tried playing on the Square Off or Chess Moves forums. One enhancement I would like to see on the Square Off app is more choices for time controls (and/or ability to create a custom time control). Currently there is no option for a 30 minute game with increment (choices are 30 min, 60 min or 45'+45"). Hopefully too someday there might be an option to purchase wooden pieces that work for this board. Overall I am really enjoying this board.

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