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Product Details

This sought after set of chessmen from SAC comes in the original gift box packaging. The design is hard to find and usually only found in private collections. This particular set (only one available) belongs to 90-year-old Warren who is downsizing his collection prior to his move to another residence. Chess House is providing an outlet for a few of his chess sets since Warren lives nearby.

This set includes #14 natural edge board a premium American handcrafted walnut chessboard.

Made with American black walnut and hard maple, these Natural Edge boards are surrounded by specialty cut walnut to show the unique grain patterns and the outside edge in which the individual tree grew. The board is one of a kind and the craftsman hand selects each piece for visual beauty.

Precision aligned hardwood block construction is given multiple protective finishes for a distinctive, luxuriously smooth surface. It is handcrafted in Pennsylvania.

- Truly one of a kind. The board in the photo is the one that you will receive.
- Natural edge just beneath the bark
- Solid maple and walnut
- 22" - 22.5" Square
- Playing field 16" x 16"
- 2" squares

Customer Reviews

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Follow the White Rabbit
Love these Pieces!

Very lovely pieces!

You are wondering what I unearthed in that security audit. What I discovered that caused me to go into hiding and scatter my story across the internet. I found red courts. These courts were several different livestreams that would go online at midnight. Livestreams spearheaded by top executives of the company. People viewing would bid to choose which “pawn” would encounter … red queen. I can’t come out and say what went on there. But the Red Queen’s famous line to Alice was a strong basis for what went on there.

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