Weighted Club Chess Set with Compact Double Fold Board

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Cotton Pouch for Chess Pieces - Bag - Chess-House Cotton Pouch for Chess Pieces
3 3/4 3 3/4" Heavy Club & Tournament Chess Pieces
20 20" Double Fold Vinyl Covered Chess Board

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About The Weighted Club Chess Set with Compact Double Fold Board

This basic solid weighted chess set and foldable board becomes a compact 10" square with bagged pieces and has the added benefit of it fitting in more varied storage/travel containers/bags.

Board: The sturdiness of this board will come in handy when it is moved from place to place. It comes with coordinates for move recording.
  • Board size: 20"
  • Square size: 2"

Pieces: Heavy club and tournament pieces weigh over 2 pounds. These all-purpose chess pieces play well at school, tournaments or home and meet all tournament regulations.

  • Complete set of 32 pieces + 2 Extra queens
  • Ivory/Black
  • Felted
  • King height: 3 3/4"
  • Pawn height: 1 13/16"
  • Base: 1 1/2"
  • King weight: 1.9 oz.
  • Entire chess set weight: 2 lbs. 2 oz.
  • Includes Extra Queens

Bag: Comes with a great looking lightweight cotton pouch.

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Randy Cordova

Weighted Club Chess Set with Compact Double Fold Board

joseph juhas

perfect for my twin grandsons at their November birthday!