World Chess Official Plastic Chess Set

Product Code: WCE-001

  • $32.00 USD

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Product Details

The Official World Chess Academy set is the same iconic World Chess Championship set, now produced in high-quality plastic and bundled with a foldable board and a bespoke storage box.

It’s the first-ever chess set produced in plastic in exactly the same design as the famous official World Chess Championship set. This Plastic version was developed for those who want to take the set to a club or a cafe without the worry of loss that might accompany the wooden design.

Since 2013, the sets in this design have been exclusively used in the World Chess Championship matches top events. The set has been designed by Daniel Weil of Pentagram. It has received much praise setting a new standard in chess design.  

The pieces are made from a high-quality plastic. Colors are chosen by Weil for optimal performance: black has a slight brown tone and white has a slight gray tone. King height is great for at home, club and tournament style play.

The set comes with a high-quality cardboard chessboard, square size is 50mm in a bespoke storage box with a magnetic latch. The set has everything you need to start playing chess right away.

  • King height 86mm (3.4")
  • Folding board squares 50mm (2")

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Love the quality and design of the pieces!


I received the package but have not opened it yet. It's a gift which I will gift wrap and present in a little over a week. I'm pretty sure it will be well received.

Satisfied customer - product and service

Customer service was up to ChessHouse's usual high standards and the product - the World Chess Official Plastic Set - met all expectations. Too large for a true travel set, the compact box is a solid starter set and a good choice for portable uses, such as on the patio or picnics. The pieces are stylish and the weight is fine, at least in my opinion. For $32 plus moderate shipping, it is a decent value. I would not hesitate to give as a gift to the right person.

Nicely presented "starter" set

This is a well done boxed set. The pieces are the better half, with a unique and finely executed design that makes it stand out among all the typical Staunton sets out there. My only quibble is that the pieces are pretty light and would benefit from more added weight. Also, the bottoms are thinly "felted" with some faux-felt material and not the much nicer billiard cloth of the higher-end plastic sets. The quad-folding cardboard board is passable, but probably won't stand up to too many enthusiastic unfoldings and refoldings before tearing at the joins. Time will tell. The storage box is also nicely made. Overall, it would make a great gift for the nascent chess player in your life. Note that this is the same set sold at for the same price, but for U.S. residents it's cheaper to order from Chess House because the shipping from the U.K. is exorbitant.

Great set for play or analysis.

Overall, this is a high quality set that I would recommend for anyone to have in their chess set collection. The pieces are really nice and can be used on the enclosed board or on a standard USCF vinyl board. Each piece is well designed and less likely to chip or crack if it is dropped.

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