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Elliott's Chess School #1 PAWN Level (on DVD)
Elliott's Chess School DVD 1, Pawn Level

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Ideal for both kids and adults, this first of six chess training DVD's introduces the essential fundamentals in a clear, accurate, and enjoyable way. The material is efficiently presented and packed with tips and valuable concepts, so most viewers watch each DVD at least several times. Elliott is easy to understand and very experienced.

A Pawn Level workbook is available separately to compliment the lessons learned on this DVD.

  • Bonus booklet with practice positions for every topic helps the learner practice and master the material presented.
  • Introduction of each piece
  • Understanding of the values of each pieces
  • Best strategy for each piece
  • "Pawn Shield" strategy (how to BLOCK your opponent's army)
  • Learning about the most important squares to control
  • How to start a chess game with the BEST strategy
  • 49 minutes
  • Intro to Chess (board, names of pieces, values)
  • Pawns
  • Rooks
  • Bishops
  • The Queen
  • The King
  • Knight
  • Castling
  • Pawn shields and when to break it
  • Development
A chess player needs a solid foundation in order to quickly advance through the ranks of chess playing. This video series is designed to lay this solid foundation, building the basics of playing a great chess. The material taught in this series has been developed and taught by National Master Elliot Neff for over 17 years, producing multiple state and national individual and team chess champions.

Chess4Life LLC was founded by National Master Elliott Neff. Through his 18 years of coaching chess, Elliott recognized the great lessons for life that the study of chess provides - lessons that must be learned if one is to become successful in life, such as the value of perseverance through adversity and the priceless experience of achievement after putting in consistent effort.

Today, even while developing national championship individual students and teams, his goal is to develop the many skills that chess provides in each of the students that attend Chess4Life programs, whether or not the student moves on to championship level. Seeing children develop into confident, persistent achievers is a wonderful reward for the work put into creating the Chess4Life programs! Chess4Life focuses on positively encouraging students at all levels, developing sportsmanship and ''team play'', and providing the opportunities that students need in order to achieve in chess classes, private lessons, camps, and tournaments.

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