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German Staunton Combo

It’s really more like 4.9 stars....
the pieces are beautiful and have a great weight. The board is also beautiful. My set arrived super fast but it was missing a Bishop.....
Chess house mailed out a replacement Bishop on the same day I received the incomplete set, so super great customer service!!
Chess house is fantastic, their supplier cost them a tenth of a star!!

Chess set


Great chess set

It’s really great chess set
It’s a good chess set for the blind chess player
I will order more sets

I am learning how to use it. It is great fun. Thank you

3 3/4 Emisario Brown and Tan Pieces

Just got this set along with a saddle brown flex board and it looks great together. The pieces are nice and heavy, big and sturdy, felt on the bottom, good feel in the hand. They are not going to tip over easily of you brush against them when moving other pieces. I like the extra queen for each color. The pieces do have some very slight lines from being molded but I guess that is to be expected with plastic pieces, it is not at all an issue and doesn't bother me, just wanted to mention it. The pieces also came in two nice canvas drawstring bags with the chesshouse logo on them which were included in the bundle which are very sturdy and I think that is a real bargain as they are 4.95 a piece to buy them separately. I think it is a great value for the money for pieces that are pretty much indestructible as well as the mouse pad type board which I think is better than vinyl. Also got the DGT North American chess clock which functions perfectly as I have already used it for a five minute game, batteries are included. I put the batteries in and selected the first choice and it was working, very easy. Seems to be pretty sturdy with big numbers. Also got the 24*8*3 black bag to hold everything and a book. With the 10 dollar off coupon for newbies all this was only $103, very fair price for all I think. Free Shipping, got it fast, nothing was wrong, well packaged, I also talked on the phone with customer service for at least 20 minutes to make sure everything was good and he was very knowledgeable about all of the products. Obviously they are all chess enthusiasts at the company. Thank you very much, i will definately order again should I need anything else. Thank you very much.

lovely acacia wood chess men

This was a birthday gift, and the recipient is thrilled, with the size, shape, workmanship, lovely wood - and especially, extra queens!

Very nice set

First, Chesshouse was very helpful with the time it took my county to order for my classroom.
Thses pieces are heavy! You'll be surprised with the heft of each piece.
I ordered 3 different kinds of sets and all look great.

First Chess Set

Just got started playing the game. I always wanted to learn. Chess set is very nicely made. Carving and wood have beautiful finish on them. Only complaint is pieces have strong clear coat smell to them. I would still recommend this set it is perfect size.

Great size board for my son

I got both the 12inch and 8inch because I couldn’t decide between the two for my 10yo son. The craftsmanship is really good. It has a nice sturdy feel to it. What a beautiful set. My son loves the 8” more because he can take it anywhere around the house. The pieces does not fall off the board even if it’s upside down. That’s the best part. Also the pieces are distinguishable from each other even at that small size. I totally forgot that this company has a lifetime guarantee. Wow.!!!

Awesome board

My son absolutely LOVES it! I love it too. It’s looks and feel of high end quality. It has a nice finish to it. Felt on the bottom of board relieves anxiety when placing on any surfaces. The magnet works well. The pieces are made just right size to tell each other apart. The travel case/bag is a huge plus because you can take and store anywhere with ease. I couldn’t decide between the 12inch or 8 inch so I got both. Not one once of regret. Well worth every penny.

Everything went OK just fine but the board was shown on your web site with markings on the edges. This board came blank. No markings. If there pasted on, please send them to me.
Thanks - will buy from you again.

A real CHESS set in the house!

We are proud owners of a new metal chess set. The feel and balance are great, and look is even better. We’ve had plastic and marble, but this is by far the best. Just looking at the pieces on the board is a pleasure, but they’re ready for combat!

Great, well-made box

This box easily fits my 3.75" Staunton set with an extra queen, even though the bases on my pieces are rather large. The box is well made, with a smooth finish and quality hardware. The center partition is apparently not glued in place, but fits with enough friction that I didn't even notice until I read other reviews. I am happy with my purchase.

Very nice!!

This is a very handsome looking wooden chess set. Love the size. It doesn’t take up too much real estate, yet it’s substantial enough to provide a nice playing experience. Folds with convenient piece storage, ready to go for the next game. Good communication from the seller, and shipping was quick.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and weight of the pieces. The order came in quick and was exactly what I was looking for.
The summer camp child will love learning how to play chess with them.


I wanted a small pocket chess game but this game much bigger thanI I wanted
Very disappointed

Excellent Service! Outstanding Product on Hand

I was looking for a rare replacement rook for my Saitek Electronic Chess board from the 1980s. Chess House had it! And many others if needed and at a very reasonable and fair price. Ordered and shipped to my house within two days on my doorstep. I have always received exceptional service and confident on high quality when ordering here. A supplier I highly recommend and use myself. First place to shop!

High quality, beautiful wooden chess set. Very happy with the purchase!

Excellent product and service

Board delivered on time. And in good condition.

Good for traveling

I like it so I can carry it to anywhere. What's plus is I don't have to worry about pieces falling off thanks to magnet.


My son-in-law videoed me as my 8 year granddaughter opened this book. She has just joined a school chess club and is only one of 2or 3 girls. She was SOOO excited. She says she has been reading a Lille each day. It is a big hit.

Works perfectly

The clock arrived on time, looks great, and works perfectly. If you’re looking for a good analog clock, this is your best bet

Great service!

Chess set arrived promptly and in good order. Thanks!

Love these Pieces!

Very lovely pieces!

You are wondering what I unearthed in that security audit. What I discovered that caused me to go into hiding and scatter my story across the internet. I found red courts. These courts were several different livestreams that would go online at midnight. Livestreams spearheaded by top executives of the company. People viewing would bid to choose which “pawn” would encounter … red queen. I can’t come out and say what went on there. But the Red Queen’s famous line to Alice was a strong basis for what went on there.


Somehow I got and was charged for 2 sets of scoresheet books. I only wanted one. Not to mention that I ordered blue. One set was orange.