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Excellent service

Helpful information on gift choice. Very good quality chess pieces, delivered on time. Gift was well received.

Highly rated

Very impressed with the response and communication with this company

Worth the wait and the cost

Let me preface this by stating that I have only had the chance to play half a dozen games so far, so I can not speak to its long term durability or playability.
I love this chess game! Easy to set up, and play is by far the best experience I have yet had with a computer based opponent.
No pressing the pieces down or entering the move via a keyboard or a mouse, just pick the piece and move and wait for the Centaur to respond. It is a natural feel and flow that allows one to concentrate on the game. Throughly enjoy the simplicity of the game play.
As others have stated, the weight of the board conveys a cheapness given the cost, I find it an advantage, the game is easily placed in my lap and is not uncomfortable at all and the pieces are weighted sufficiently to have a nice feel in the hand. The slick surface of the board and the bottoms of the pieces does allow them to slid around easily when trying to move the board, so caution needs to be exercised when doing so.
Still to early to speak to the advantages or disadvantages of the engine itself, but so far I find it to be on par with others I have played against. Does it adapt? Hard to say, it does seem to alter itself through a game, time will be the final arbiter of that.
Thanks to ChessHouse for supplying a great product and exceptional service, and as always great reviews of product before hand.
If you want an low cost full size game that plays well and is easy to use, buy this set!

Excellent and cordial customer service.

Though acceptable, a tad expensive for the level of quality.

The Stack (tournament version)

I bought this board because I wanted a portable, higher quality wood board than what I use now. It's finish is excellent and it's easy to use assemble. I wish it had a border with coordinates and the suede holder covered all sides. Even so, A+

Great for the price.

These are very good quality. Unfortunatly they did not fit my needs and I had to return. Customer service for return was top notch.

Nicely made

These bags are nicely made and have padding for the pieces and clock.

Very nice pieces

These pieces are heavy and big but not crude. They are nicely finished. I think children will especially enjoy playing with them.

Love the chess set. Fit nicely on my chessboard which has 1 1/2 inch squares.

Great product and great company

I’ve been looking for the perfect traveling chess set to use for studying since my job requires me to travel a lot. I was ecstatic to find this product and the different options. The site is great and I will be sure to get other chess products from this site in the future! The follow up after receiving this item was on point. They definitely care about their customers and the quality of their product.


I knew I'd love the look of this set, but I hadn't thought about the feel. Each piece is so thoughtfully conceived, so satisfyingly tactile. And Chess House was great to work with -- highly recommended.

The best! Thanks, Chess House.

Travel Set

Great travel set with weighted pieces! I really liked that I could customize the color of the board and the color of the pieces. The travel bag is nicely structured, light weight and has great organization. This was a gift for a family member and they really enjoy it!

Good price and friendly customer service

The vinyl boards are great--the kind I prefer to use with young students. The pieces are nice weight and quality. The sets came quickly and nicely packaged. My only complaint was that I did not realize the pieces were beige--and they are really, really beige.

Great products and superb customer service. Will recommend Chesshouse to other chess coaches in the Mobile/Baldwin County Scholastic Chess League

Good set with minor defects. Expected higher quality.

The flex pad board is great. Zero issues. A very good product.

The Inspiration chess set was acceptable weight, but clearly hollow, as evidenced by a mold error on one white pawn. That pawn has a hole under the collar where the molding was not complete. I shot it full of glue and will hope for the best. Also, at least five other pawns have cracks in the base, not along the mold line, I assume caused by inserting the weights during assembly. I again used glue on the the cracks and assume they should be fine. Still, I expect a new product to be reasonably free of defects and I have defects on roughly six pieces. This makes me mildly sad.

The pieces have a green baize cloth applied which seems to be acceptable quality.

If you’re buying the Inspiration set, I’ll also state that the bag is high quality and successfully holds pieces, board, and a large chess clock, all protected by padding. It’s quite nice.

Best Regards!

A big hit!

Got this for my son. He just loves it! It’s so elegant. He takes it to school and all kids in the chess club say they’ll order one!

Love the set!

I love this set. The pieces look great (black and silver) and the mat board is a star. I’ve had many rollup vinyl boards, but this one is more of a thin mousepad feel. Unfurls easily and lays flat. Nice and large. That plus the weighted pieces make this a really fun and comfortable set to play on. The price was lower than similar products on other sites too. Very happy with this purchase.

very mysterious sets. Have never seen anything like them.

Very happy with the purchase!

The entire experience was quick, easy, and the piece I got was exactly as described, in pristine condition.
Chesshouse communicated throughout every step of the process, when order was received, shipped, delivered, and it felt great. Full transparency.
Would recommend, 10/10.

Fabulous board!

Incredible craftsmanship, perfect service, fast shipping. Exceeded my expectations.

Great chess set

Great chess set! it is a high quality board and pieces, AND a travel set. You will not be disappointed!

Super small, super nice

good for camping, good in the tent

Affordable and great quality

I will work on my scout project to set up a club. This is very affordable and great quality. Also I appreciate very much that Chess House gives me some donations and great and valuable advice and help on their products.

Great quality

Great quality and excellent customer service. Fast shipping.