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Poison pieces

The book arrived in a very timely fashion. I started reading it immediately. Enjoying every page!

Very good quality board🍓

I would have given this 5 stars except the first board that arrived had a small scratch. However, the folks at Chesshouse were fantastic and immediately sent me s replacement board that they checked over before sending to me. The replacement board that is very well made , and I’m enjoying it very much with the new pieces .

Great set of pieces.

Actually I’m surprised at how nice these pieces are. They are vey nicely shaped in the classic Staunton design, and they have good weight. I would have liked a slightly better felt, but this is very nice for the money.

Excellent travel chess set.

Nice size pieces with a solid board for travel. Will enjoy this set for many years.


This travel chess set is amazing! I have been looking for the perfect magnetic travel set for a good while and finally found this gem. Delivery was quick and upon opening the package I knew this would be my new favorite set for carrying around. The pieces are wood and the magnets are strong enough to hold while the board is held vertically. Well worth the price!!

These extra Queens match my existing set pretty well

I ordered a spare set of Queens since my other set did not include them. These matched pretty well. The price was reasonable and the shipping was quick. Now we don't have to use weird things as queens when we promote a pawn!

Just what I needed

I wanted a light chess set to take with me to Hawaii so I could play with my stepsons there on vacation. Also ordered a roll-up board which has not arrived as yet. But the chess pieces are very light and won't take up too much room in my suitcase, besides not adding on a lot of weight. I already have several chess sets, so didn't want to pay a lot for one more. So was glad to find these at a low price.


It’s perfect, thanks so much!

French staunton set

terrific organization and staff. Best products and service. super great for replacement pieces.

6 Star Review; 4 Player Chess Board Etc.

I recently took delivery of my second order from Chess House, which included 4 Player Chess Boards, replacement rooks for my club sets and coloured silicone sets for the younger players. Everything arrived well-packed, undamaged and on time. Once again I am very happy with the service and quality of chess equipment from Chess House. The squares on the 4 Player Chess Boards measure 1'' 5/8s (or 40mm) and I would recommend a smaller set size chess set than the standard 3'' 3/4. Maybe 3''1/2 or 3'' inch King. What really impressed me was the help I received from when I had a problem dealing with my Credit Card company. My credit Card company billed me double and the help that I received from Raphael in accounts when trying to sort out the mess, went well beyond the cooperation and efficiency. I am most grateful! Thank you all at Chess House. As Chess House has everything I will ever need, or want, regarding chess, it is now my first and last go to place fro chess equipment. I strongly recommend you do the same.

very nice set

Very well made set. Elegant and sturdy. Comes with zipper case. Perfect for travel. Strong magnets and felt at the bottom of pieces.
I strongly recommend !

Functional Piece of Art

I am extremely happy with my Stack! Its ingenious design and fine woodworking definitely are “wow” factors, especially during assembly. The assembled board is functional art. Now, if only my game could match my beautiful board.

I was concerned my smaller chessmen (3” king) wouldn’t be an aesthetic pairing with the Stack, but the 2” inch squares aren’t overwhelming. Anything more than 3.75” would probably match better with the 2.25” square of the Tournament Stack.

Securely packaged and sent within two working days. Thanks, Chess House!

Great quality.

I’ve been looking years for a replacement pawn for a marble chest set that I’ve had. I’ve been unable to find one. This one wasn’t an exact match, as this one is about 1/4th inch taller than the rest but it’s much closer than any I’ve ever found and the quality is exact!

Great pieces!

Great, simple design and quick delivery. Love that the price is so cheap, thank you!

Fast Service

I recently ordered a magnetic chess set and Chess House fulfilled the order very promptly. Great service! And the product is good quality.

I was looking for a small, non-folding chessboard with 3D magnetic pieces so that I could easily play along while reading chess books in bed. This was one of the few sets that fit the bill, and it’s very high quality.

Two criticisms that keep me from giving it five stars. First, it doesn’t come with extra queens. Second, and less important, it’s easy to mix up the bishops with the pawns if you just glance at the board or are thinking deeply about something else—the size difference isn’t much, and the bishop’s “notch” is very shallow and not too hard to miss.

Chess Pieces

Great beginner set. Assuming kids will not chew on 'em. If so wait until at least six. Best if you start with their first grade elementary school buddies; if boys best at about 11 years.

Satisfied Customer

Very pleased with the product and serviice

Looks great !!!

The Chess clock I ordered was delivered in three days. Wow. That is service. The unit itself looks great and works well. I especially like the sound the unit makes if you aggressively slam down the button. The button is also quiet if you handle it like a reasonable person. Very pleased with my purchase. Thanks. C.

Haven't had a chance to get into the book yet , but it appears to be very well structured - also wanted to commend you on how quickly my was processed
Thank you.

I was amazed at how quickly your company processed my order. I had ordered the set as a birthday gift for my husband and hoped it would arrive in time. No problem as the set arrived less than a week later in excellent condition. He won't open the gift until next weekend but I'm sure he will be as pleased as I am as the board and pieces are beautiful.

Super replacement or extra set

The 2 1/2" plastic chess pieces make a great replacement or extra set of chess pieces. They also sell individual matching pieces if you should ever need to replace one piece or want promotional pieces. The white individual pieces are solid white whereas the "white" pieces with the set are more of an ivory color. If you're that selective on white/ivory a little shot of ivory spray paint will fix that issue.


Have nothing much to say, the product described it all . . . . .
The Design, The Quality, The Craftmanship, The Shipment, and The Service from Chess House simply just put in one word


Very good looking set.