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Advanced Electronic Chess Computers

For over 30 years, chess players have enjoyed the wide variety of electronic chess computers that provided a real chess playing challenge. One of the most compelling reasons for electronic chess is that its a chess opponent whenever and wherever you want to play chess. Plus you can change the playing strength of the machine. So if youre winning too much, you can up the challenge, and make it more difficult. If you arent winning enough you can dumb it down. Not so much with a friend or chess playing human. They play their best all the time and if they are better than you, losing game after game can be an agonizing experience, although your playing ability will rise to the challenge over time.

Electronic chess computers dont require more screen time. While PC, Mac, and mobile device chess software and apps are plentiful and feature rich, the now old-school electronic chess game offers a sensory experience in the moving of real chess pieces, just one reason the concept remains strong to this day.

Over the past two decades Chess House has seen a great variety of advanced computers that moved pieces robotically, computers with miniature ultra-portable size pieces, and large table top computers that could be used for regular games of chess as well. Sadly, as of February 2014, the top brands are obsolete due to company mergers with new executives that did not see the need for chess. As a result there are no electronic chess computers for the general market currently.

As a side note, the most extraordinary chess computer ever produced for sale (price tag about $3500) has been released in early 2014, the Revelation II. Although, that price tag is unthinkable for the average consumer, those that have bought them are incredibly pleased.

Today, the demand for electronic chess remains. Some promising ideas are in development using newer technology. If youd like to hear about key news surrounding this, just fill out the box below. Your contact info will be safeguarded and used solely for this purpose.

If you need a chess computer right now, you may be able to find a good one on Ebay or another marketplace.

Here are some of our top recommendations.
  • Mephisto Master is nearly a master level (2200 rated) full featured computer with extras like AC adapter, slipcase, etc. It has many levels to choose from and is a good table top model for intermediate to advanced players. Replacement pieces for some of the Mephisto line are still available from Chess House. Just inquire.
  • Excalibur Grandmaster is a full size chess board with 3 tall pieces that can be used for non-computerized games quite nicely as well. The chess board squares are tournament size and green/white as well. This computer is unique as auto sensory no need to press on each square, the pieces are recognized when they are placed on the square. Its a more natural playing experience. The moves are displayed on a small LCD screen for each player
  • Novag Citrine is a luxury stand-alone chess computer. Real wood pieces when moved are sensed by the electronic chessboard. It plays both easy or highly competitive and looks great on display.
  • Novag Obsidian is a competitive standard computer with wood pieces and case for storage and portability. It's for intermediate to advanced players.
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