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Heirloom Chess Sets
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Advanced Electronic Chess Computers

Novag's Citrine is the luxury stand-alone chess computer. Real wood pieces when moved are sensed by the electronic chessboard. It plays both easy or highly competitive and looks great on display.

The Obsidian is a competitive standard computer with wood pieces and case for storage and portability. It's for beginning to advanced players that want a strong game at a reasonable price but don't need the extra style of the Citrine.

The Carnelian is a cute little machine with wood pieces and all the standard computer features. It plays a strong club player level, but not expert or master. It's great for beginners to intermediate players.

Novag computers do not have the exceptional reliability we usually demand. However it's the only brand currently on the market and fills an important need. Should you need support immediately or throughout the length of the warranty period, we make support or replacement easy.
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