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Quick ... easy and I love the selection. Hopefully the 7 year old this set is for will love it
- Pati W, Dec 11, 2014

easy to find product I needed. First time ordering, doesn't make you have an account...LOVE that feature.
- Julie, Dec 10, 2014

I appreciate your straight forward return policies with no vindictive refund charges
- Anonymous, Dec 7, 2014

The materials are better quality than expected. Overall I am satisfied with my order. You have exceeded expectations. I look forward to doing more business with you as I have high hopes for the launch of our school's chess club.
- Fero S in LA, Dec 5, 2014
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Fritz 13 for Fun TASC Chess CD 2 Fritz & Chesster, Part 1 Version 3.0 (CD)
Fritz for Fun 13
Price: $40.00
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Chess is great fun whatever your playing strength, provided you have the right opponent, like Fritz for example! FREE with coupon. Beginners will learn to play chess, learn the rules, tactics, strategies, and openings clearly. Now compatible with all operating systems and devices! iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Linux
Fritz & Chesster Learn to Play, Part 2 Fritz & Chesster Learn to Play, Part 3 Chess for Beginners: Checkmates I (download)
Fritz & Chesster, Part 2 (CD)
Price: $40.00
In Stock, Ships now
Fritz & Chesster, Part 3 (CD)
Price: $40.00
In Stock, Ships now
Keep their attention with an effective learning program that other parents and teachers actually recommend.
Part three of the famous Fritz & Chesster series is designed to advance young chess player's skills, move by move. If you are a beginner, you can’t afford to miss mate in one if you want to improve
Chess for Beginners: Checkmates II (download) Chess Tactics for Beginners (download) Chess Training package for beginners (download)
This training course contains 77,000 mate in one exercises taken from practical games with many pieces on the board Finally a new and improved version of the legendary Chess Tactics for beginners has been released!
Package consists of five magnificent educational chess programs, including Elementary Chekcmates 1 & 2!
Chess: Easy Ways of Taking Pawns And Pieces (download) Chess: from Beginner to Club Player (download) Chess: Simple Defense (download)
The course is intended for players who are already acquainted with the rules of the game This teaching program is a kind of guide, introducing you to the rules and laws of chess, letting you work from the level of Beginner to Club Player Every chessplayer has to master some basic defensive skills such as withdrawing or protecting a piece, learn them here!
Elementary Chess Combinations (download) CT-ART for Beginners (download) Total Chess Tactics (download)
Beginners and club players should study tactical methods and how to employ them, this course includes more than 5000 exercises for beginners on tactical methods A fundamental course on chess tactics, CT-ART for Beginners Total Chess Tactics package consists of Chess Tactics Level 1, 2, 3, which in turn, correspond to Chess Tactics for Beginners 1,2 and Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players courses
Combo 1: Chess: From Beginner to Club Players and Chess Tactics for Beginners 2.0 Combo 3: Chess Tactics Kit (CT-ART for beginners, Chess Tactics for Club-Intermediate players)
This program will introduce you to the rules and laws of chess, it contains 500 teaching examples and 700 exercises Three great courses on chess tactics for the cost of two! Includes, CT-ART for Beginners, Chess Tactics for Club Players and Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players
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