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Beginner Chess Computers

Electronic chess computer have helped many players practice basic strategies and have provided a fun challenge over the years. Moves are played on the board and the computer calculates a response shown on a display or with LED lights.

While it may seem old-school, people love them for two simple reasons. It plays chess, and it doesnt require more screen time. For young children, the simple interactivity requiring basic muscle movement and physical motor skills with eye-hand coordination will help them retain more of what they are practicing. It also is a good way to ensure correct moves are played and illegal moves avoided, kind of like an electronic coach. In fact most basic chess computers have some limited coaching features to do just that and more.

Another great feature is being able to take back moves. Taking back moves is sometimes desired and the computer keeps track of the moves so you can reverse the games direction and start from an earlier point.

Of course, you can adjust the playing levels too. When you play chess with a friend that is a much better player, it will help you get better, but sometimes players get intimidated. Thats why playing a chess computer with multiple levels can challenge but not frustrate.

Now the big question... Where can you get one?

For over 25 years chess computers were available from Chess House. Sadly they are no longer made by Mephisto, Excalibur or Novag, the three top brands. We continue to receive requests for electronic chess and there are some promising new products in development with newer technology. To hear when there is news about newer electronic chess sets, fill out this form. Your email will be kept safe and used solely for this purpose.

There may be hope now though, you may be able to find them used or new on Ebay or other marketplaces.

Some top electronic chess sets for beginners we recommend looking for are these:
  • Mephisto Brand
  • Talking Chess Trainer
  • Explorer
  • Chess Challenger
  • Talking Chess Academy
  • Excalibur Brand
  • Alexandra
  • Ivan II
  • King Arthur
  • Kingmaster III

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