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Beginner Chess Computers

A chess computer can be very helpful in learning, practicing strategies, or playing chess.

For learning chess, it's best to supplement with a book, dvd, or software program along with the computer. The computer will ensure legal moves are played and may give basic hints, however you will learn much more with another learning aid alongside.

The computer is especially important because it has the "brains" of another chess opponent when there is no one else there to play chess with you. So you can practice what you are learning. Chess computers have helped many improving players try out their strategies and improve their game.

Currently, there are not many beginner chess computers on the market because mobile devices and software has taken over. However there is still the need for an electronic chess game that does not depend on a PC.

Novag computers do not have the exceptional reliability we usually demand. However it's the only brand currently on the market and fills an important need. Should you need support immediately or throughout the length of the warranty period, we make support or replacement easy.

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