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Novag Electronic Chess

For over 30 years chess players have enjoyed electronic chess games all the way from the rudimentary up to sophisticated. Electronic chess computers allows an independent play whenever and wherever you want to play chess. Just plug in batteries or plug into the wall and you are on your way. Change the level of play to suit, takeback moves, get hints, and be confident legal moves are played. Of course, for those times you need a referee with your friend, place the game in 2 player mode and the computer will warn you of any illegal moves.

While PC, Mac, and mobile device chess software and apps are all the rage, the now old-school electronic chess game offers the sensory experience in moving real chess pieces, closest to the real thing. Thats just one reason the electronic chess system remains strong to this day.

In 2014 Novag closed its doors forever. It was plagued with quality control so were not surprised entirely. The Novag brand of electronic chess computers were the last of the big three brands to go obsolete, leaving a gaping void in the chess computers market. It appears the time is near for a whole new breed of electronic chess devices that can be played with real pieces.

If youd like to be the first to hear about any new technology in the pipeline fill out the box below. Your contact info will be safeguarded and used solely for this purpose.

If you are looking for a Novag computer, you may be able to find one on Ebay or another marketplace. As of right now we only have pieces and adapters for some models.

Here are some of the most recent computers that you may still be able to find for sale.
  • Novag Citrine beautiful stand-alone chess computer. Real wood pieces sensed by the electronic chessboard. It plays both easy or competitive and looks great on display. Settings are clunky, but nice for display and play.
  • Novag Obsidian expert to master standard computer with wood pieces and case for storage and portability.
  • 2Robot robotic chess computer that was plagued with problems but there are many working units out there. It needs to be calibrated with patience and with care is a great novelty.
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Extra Set of Pieces for Novag Citrine Computer Extra Set of Pieces for Novag Citrine Computer

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