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I found the ordering process extremely easy to use and the delivery speed was amazing! They actually shipped within about an hour after I placed my order. After receiving the product, I had a service question and the response was also quick and helpful. I'll definitely be purchasing again from ChessHouse!
Richard, July 10, 2015

Love Chess House! Great products and service. Very professional and personal. Highly recommended.
Morris, June 24, 2015
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DGT Revelation II Electronic Chess Set

Electronic Chess Computers

As of September 2015, an affordable electronic chess computer is available again. With the Novag, Mephisto, Saitek, and Excalibur brands off the market, no electronic chess sets were available for over a year. However market demand has continued, and we're happy that there is something available despite lack of variety enjoyed before.

At this time, there are three categories of electronic chess computers available.

- Classic Electronic Chess (one or two styles available up to $150)
- DGT Electronic Chess for PC or laptop connection and amazing variety of possibilities ($850+)
- DGT Revelation II, the ultimate chess computer with PC connectivity as well. ($3500+)

Clarion F, California is manned and owned by great people with excellent customer service.

I recently purchased a DGT Bluetooth/USB chessboard. I called Raphael and who helped me set up the board. He not only guided me through, but actually did the set up himself as we spoke on the phone. He took control of my computer and he made it work like magic. I really appreciate the time he spent with me making sure I was up and running before we hung up.

The DGT chessboard works beautifully. I highly recommend it to any chess player. It is not cheap but it's well worth the price. The beautifully made board, and the great architecture, and electronics makes it a total chess system for any chess addict like me. You cannot find it cheaper anywhere else than Did I mention that has all the chess products you need at an incredibly lower prices than anyone else? They do! Now, would I recommend them to a friend? You betcha I will. And in a heartbeat!!!

Hope they'll be around forever.
DGT Electronic Chess Boards (PC Connect)
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The DGT Electronic Chessboard USB The DGT Electronic Chessboard USB

USB connect this elegant rosewood electronic chessboard to a PC and relieve your eyes from the computer screen. Enjoy the delightful wood chess board while playing one of many compatible chess software programs on your PC. This elegant chessboard is made in Holland and Spain, and brings advanced technology to your home to maximize your PC chess playing experience.

Price: $850.00
In Stock, Ships now
The DGT Electronic Chessboard USB + Bluetooth The DGT Electronic Chessboard USB & Bluetooth

Wirelessly connect this elegant rosewood electronic chessboard to a PC
and relieve your eyes from the computer screen. Enjoy the delightful
wood chess board that utilizes advanced Bluetooth technology to connect
with any robust chess software running on your PC.

Price: $1,100.00
The DGT Revelation II The DGT Revelation II - Electronic Chess, PC

Pretty much anything you imagined from a chess computer and more. Connect to PC and fully independent unit with powerful software.

Price: $3,500.00
In Stock, Ships now
Europe Chess Master II - Electronic Chess Computer Millennium Chess Master II - Electronic Chess Computer

Play chess against a computer! Intermediate level chess program rated
around 1750 will challenge most chess players. Sit down for a game of
chess any time you like! With 100 interactive practice positions, can you solve the puzzles?

Price: $97.00
In Stock, Ships now

Electronic Chess Computers to Play Against

Electronic chess sets will play chess with you! That's great especially when there's no one else available to play, or whoever it is you want to play keeps winning or won't play at your level.

Besides, you can use real pieces with no need for more screen time.

Why are so few electronic chess models available?

For years Chess House sold a wide variety of chess computers from small handheld portable chess to full size table top chess computers. Some would teach with voice coaching, others would move their own pieces. In 2014, the major chess computer manufacturers and brands close their doors for various reasons. With continued demand however, some new games are coming back as of 2015.

How does an electronic chess set work?

While you play just as if you were playing a friend, you will press lightly on the squares as you move the pieces. The computer senses this, "thinks" on it's turn and tells you it's move.

Electronic Chess Computer Guides

Over 600 different chess computers have been on the market at one time or another. Here is a list of chess computers you can explore for datasheets or curiosity sake.

PDF manuals for currently available electronic chess computers are available here.

Millenium Chess Computer Manuals

Genius Manual M810 (PDF)
Chess Master II M800 Manual (PDF)

PDF manuals for previously available electronic chess computers are available here.

Mephisto Chess Computer Manuals

Advanced Travel (PDF),
Junior Master (PDF),
Chess Trainer (PDF),
Talking Chess Trainer (PDF),
Chess Challenger (PDF),
Talking Chess Academy (PDF),
Master Chess (PDF),
Micro Travel (PDF),
Mephisto Expert/Cosmos (PDF)

Excalibur Chess Computer Manuals

Touch Chess
New York Times Deluxe Talking Touch Chess
Chess Station
Excalibur Chess Game Clock
Grandmaster Chess Computer
Ivan II
King Arthur
Kingmaster III
Einstein Chess Wizard
Phantom Force

DGT Chess Products

DGT e-board USB (PDF)
DGT e-board USB + Bluetooth (PDF)
DGT XL Chess Clock (PDF)
DGT 960 Chess Clock (PDF)
DGT North American Chess Clock (PDF)


Novag 2Robot (PDF)
Novag Aquamarine (PDF)
Novag Carnelian - English (PDF)
Novag Carnelian II (PDF)
Novag Citrine Chess Computer - English (PDF)
Novag Citrine Chess to PC Connection (PDF)
Novag Citrine - How to Play 3rd Party Software with Chess Arena GUI (PDF)
Novag Citrine - Connect to PC Chess Arena Software (PDF)
Novag Citrine PC Communication Protocol E (PDF)
Novag Citrine PC Communication Protocol F (PDF)
Novag Citrine PC Communication Protocol G (PDF)
Novag Obsidian Manual - English (PDF)
Novag Opal II (PDF)
Novag Sapphire (PDF)
Novag Sapphire II (PDF)
Novag Star Beryl (PDF)
Novag Star Diamond - English (PDF)
Novag Star Opal (PDF)
Novag Star Ruby - English (PDF)
Novag Star Sapphire (PDF)
Novag Super Expert (PDF)
Novag Super Expert Addendum B pages 1,4 (PDF)
Novag Super Expert Addendum B pages 2,3 (PDF)
Novag Topaz II (PDF)
Novag Tourmaline (PDF)
Novag Tourmaline Plus (PDF)
Novag Torquoise (PDF)
Novag Universal Chessboard Chess Computer Manual (PDF)
Novag Utility program for UCB/ECB to interface Novag chess computer

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