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Quick ... easy and I love the selection. Hopefully the 7 year old this set is for will love it
- Pati W, Dec 11, 2014

easy to find product I needed. First time ordering, doesn't make you have an account...LOVE that feature.
- Julie, Dec 10, 2014

I appreciate your straight forward return policies with no vindictive refund charges
- Anonymous, Dec 7, 2014

The materials are better quality than expected. Overall I am satisfied with my order. You have exceeded expectations. I look forward to doing more business with you as I have high hopes for the launch of our school's chess club.
- Fero S in LA, Dec 5, 2014
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Chess Pieces

Here you'll find many chess piece designs and styles, including wood, plastic, marble, metal, and more. A fine set of chess pieces will be treasured for years and you can give your chess set a completely new look by swapping multiple styles with a chessboard you already own.

Choosing a set of chess pieces involves pairing size and style to a chessboard. For pieces already matched with chessboards see the Chess Sets page.

For School Chess use regulation-size, plastic chess pieces with a 3 3/4" tall king in the Plastic Chess Pieces category. See also Chess Club Kits and Chess Set Combos.

Lost a chess piece?
If you bought your set at Chess House it is likely we can help. Read more on finding replacement chess pieces below.

We started a chess club at my sons school last year and I found to be a best company to deal with. The mark of a good company is not what they do when every thing goes fine, but how they respond to their costumers when things go wrong. Well, on the second order I received a chess set with a broken king, and a missing pawn. ChessHouse was quick to correct the order with speedy service. I have bought several chess sets, clocks, and books after that and will continue to use ChessHouse as my first choice.

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3 3/4" Colored Chess Pieces Replacement Chess Pieces Solid Plastic Individual Chess Pieces
Replacement Chess Pieces Single Colored Chess Pieces - Club Style

Weighted? Double, triple, single. What's it all mean?

Weighted chess pieces are typically more desirable. As a result few unweighted sets exist. The added weight lowers the center of gravity for a more stable piece. The "Ultimate" chess pieces for example, is one of the most stable, ideal for fast games.

The terms are somewhat subjective, but generally, they range from unweighted to quadruple-weight. The most common weights are double and triple, with the double being very comfortable, and the triple, noticeably heavy.

Plastic Chess Piece Comparison Chart

Here's a handy chart to compare plastic chess pieces.

How do you find replacement chess pieces?

Chess pieces are perfect puppy chow, or so they think. There are so many ways to lose or break a piece.

We'll fulfill reasonable requests for basic pieces for free. If it is a basic chess set such as the Club Special or a similar plastic sets, you may be able to order using the Replacement Pieces form.

Specialty pieces if available, may come at a price. For these pieces, including themes, contact us by email to request price and availability. Include enough detail to clearly indicate which piece, and which set is involved.

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