Plastic chess pieces are usually quite economical and the pieces here are for most often seen in club or casual chess play.

Rated events often use the solid plastic "club special" chess pieces, most often used for club, classroom, and competition. We sell thousands of these sets to individuals, schools, clubs, and tournament organizers every year.

For extra weight in a basic piece, see the Heavy Club Pieces.

For lowest cost on a budget, yet good quality pieces, see Basic Club Pieces.

If a club style piece is ever lost or broken, it's easy to get free replacements at Chess House.


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"What a beautiful selection. I had a difficult time choosing just one set! I decided upon a marble chess set that is gorgeous and which I was very excited to give it as a gift. I highly recommend Chess House for their product array as well as excellent customer service. My shipment arrived very well packed and damage-free."
Kirsten D.