Chess Pieces Guide and FAQ


Chess Pieces Guide and F.A.Q.


Weighted Chess Pieces

Pieces that are weighted offer more stability overall. This is most noticeable with plastic pieces where the weights are near the base, resulting in a lower center of gravity and therefore greater stability. For this reason most players like the feel of weighted pieces when playing.

Here is a chart to help compare plastic chess pieces.


Replacement Chess Pieces

It may happen that you need a replacement piece for one that is lost or broken. We will have a record of your order and fairly often can source the piece you need from parts inventory.

It's very easy and straightforward to replace standard plastic club pieces and most often there's no cost if you request them with an order you are placing.

If you did not buy your chess pieces at Chess House, then we can try to identify your chess set and if there's a match we can try to assist you further.

Specialty and theme pieces usually have a cost associated. Email us with information about the type of set, include a photo, and the king height. This will help us more readily find availability and pricing for you.


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