Comparison Guide for Electronic Chess Computers

We've compared the features of three leading brands of electronic chess computers. Here's a comparison chart that is updated as changes happen in the electronic chess computers market.

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Which chess computer fits your needs?

Best for Travel

This one's portable and powered by 3 AA batteries. It has the levels and challenges to keep things interesting. It's the classic for solo play anywhere you go.

Most Economical

It's ideal for kids. The pieces are magnetic, and the computer will guide even new players through exercises to learn and improve. Play solo any time!

Modern Home

Understand your playing level and choose levels by rating. Very easy or very powerful. Play normal chess and Chess960. Professional 2022 design by Millennium in Germany.

Online Play on a real board

Connect and play on top playing sites. Internal, long lasting battery means you could be playing chess with others across the globe while in the sun or on the patio.

Home Luxury

The Classics Exclusive combines two very powerful and configurable chess engines with the modular exlusive board featuring beatiful wooden pieces. Sit down and enjoy playing for hours.

Luxury Connected Play

Inside the Luxe Cabinet is the Lithium powered ChessLink to let you play in style with others online or with apps. Natural play is possible while viewing just the chess board.

Tournament Full-Size Play

Just like the full size tournament chess boards, the electronic board with 81 LED dimmable display is the ultimate learning, play, and integration system. Add a module for online (ChessLink) or offline (Classics Element) to make it the perfect chess computer.

Adapts to your level

It doesn't connect to the internet, but this modern device adapts to your level at three main challenge levels ensuring you have a fun and fair game all the time. The modern design with light rings shows every expected move and the e-paper display is easy to read. Perfect for novices or experienced players for casual games and practice.

Self-moving pieces

Square Off is the world's best self-moving computer that brings people together across the globe for a chess game or to watch of high level international competitors unfold on the board in auto-play mode.

Portable Roll-up Computer

Square Off PRO is the only roll-up chess computer with club size pieces. With bluetooth connectivity, connect to a device to play chess solo or connect with others to play chess with anyone.

Club Style eBoard

DGT's eBoards are some of the most well known learning interface devices that can connect to a PC or Pi to extend your world of chess playing and practice. This plastic set makes the powerful DGT USB eBoard more affordable with the same functionality.

Tournament Style eBoard

DGT's wooden eBoard with USB and Bluetooth connection is the top learning interface device as well as currently the world's elite event tool. It's used by professionals as well as amteurs to connect to PC as well as the Pi computer-clock add-on.

Empower eBoards

The Pi brings eBoards to life with a computerized opponent and many display and even audio features.