Electronic Chess Computer Manuals

Electronic Chess Computer Manuals (and Programs)

For years Chess House sold a wide variety of chess computers from small handheld portable chess to full size table top chess computers. Some would teach with voice coaching, others would move their own pieces. In 2014, most brands closed their doors.

Over the decades since electronic chess sets were first created, over 600 designs have been on the market at one time or another. Here is a site, Spacious Mind, where you can explore chess computers for technical specifications, datasheets and interesting information for curiosity sake.

PDF manuals for currently available electronic chess computers are available here:


DGT Chess Computers


DGT Pegasus Chess Computer - DGT-PEG / (ALT LANGUAGES - ZIP)
DGT Centaur Chess Computer - DGTCENT / (ALT LANGUAGES - ZIP)
DGT Tournament board USB (PDF) / (ALT LANGUAGES - ZIP)
DGT e-board USB (PDF) | Tech Specs (PDF)
DGT e-board USB + Bluetooth (PDF) | Tech Specs (PDF)
DGT Pi e-board Computer and Chess Clock (PDF)
DGT Revelation II AE (REV 1812) (PDF) / (ALT LANGUAGES - ZIP)
DGT Revelation II AE (REV 1611) (PDF) / (ALT LANGUAGES - ZIP)
DGT Revelation II AE (Retro Software 1508) (PDF) / (ALT LANGUAGES - ZIP)
DGT Revelation II  (Original) (PDF)


Millenium Chess Computer Manuals


Supreme Tournament 55 Electronic Chess Board - M850 
Millennium Chess Computer Exclusive - Luxe Edition - M842 / M843
eONE - Connected Chess Board - M841
Chess Classics Exclusive - M828 (ZIP)
The Chess Classics Element - M827 (ZIP)
King Performance - M830 / King Competition M831 (COMFORT) / (ADVANCED) / (FULL) / (QUICK START)
King Element M823 (OLD VERSION)
King Lasker Edition - M824 (OLD VERSION)

ChessVolt - Battery Pack - M825
ChessLink - M822
Genius Exclusive Manual - M820_(LATEST VERSION - FULL) 
Genius Exclusive Manual - M820_(ORIGINAL VERSION) (English) / (Spanish)
Genius PRO Manual - M812 (English) / (Spanish)
Genius Manual - M810
Chess Master II - Europe Chess Master - MIL800 (English) / (French)

PDF manuals for previously available electronic chess computers are available here:

Mephisto Chess Computer Manuals


Advanced Travel (PDF)
Junior Master (PDF)
Chess Trainer (PDF)
Talking Chess Trainer (PDF)
Chess Challenger (PDF)
Talking Chess Academy (PDF)
Mephisto Maestro (PDF)
Master Chess (PDF)
Micro Travel (PDF)
Mephisto Expert/Cosmos (PDF)
Mephisto Phoenix (M920) (PDF)


Excalibur Chess Computer Manuals


Touch Chess
New York Times Deluxe Talking Touch Chess
Chess Station
Excalibur Chess Game Clock
Grandmaster Chess Computer
Ivan II
King Arthur
Kingmaster III
Einstein Chess Wizard
Phantom Force




Novag 2Robot (PDF)
Novag Aquamarine (PDF)
Novag Carnelian - English (PDF)
Novag Carnelian II (PDF)
Novag Citrine Chess Computer - English (PDF)
Novag Citrine Chess to PC Connection (PDF)
Novag Citrine - How to Play 3rd Party Software with Chess Arena GUI (PDF)
Novag Citrine - Connect to PC Chess Arena Software (PDF)
Novag Citrine PC Communication Protocol E (PDF)
Novag Citrine PC Communication Protocol F (PDF)
Novag Citrine PC Communication Protocol G (PDF)
Novag Obsidian Manual - English (PDF)
Novag Opal II (PDF)
Novag Sapphire (PDF)
Novag Sapphire II (PDF)
Novag Star Beryl (PDF)
Novag Star Diamond - English (PDF)
Novag Star Opal (PDF)
Novag Star Ruby - English (PDF)
Novag Star Sapphire (PDF)
Novag Super Expert (PDF)
Novag Super Expert Addendum B pages 1,4 (PDF)
Novag Super Expert Addendum B pages 2,3 (PDF)
Novag Topaz II (PDF)
Novag Tourmaline (PDF)
Novag Tourmaline Plus (PDF)
Novag Torquoise (PDF)
Novag Universal Chessboard Chess Computer Manual (PDF)


Drivers / Programs


Millennium Genius Exclusive PGN Tool (manufacturer's link)   [Alt: November Update 2017]
Millennium Genius Exclusive CGX Tool (manufacturer's link)   [Alt: December Update 2017]
DGT Piece Tester Program


Zanchetta.net also has an incredible resource of old scanned chess computer manuals found here

Chess-computers.eu also has a similar list of manuals offering a few other manuals that Zanchetta doesn't, found here.