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Product Details

The perfect playing partner for all chess enthusiasts. With color display, many learning and help functions and a playing strength of up to 2,200 ELO.

The new ChessGenius Pro with its color display offers fun for all players - while being easy and intuitive to use. The PLAY button easily starts new games: with white, with black, in 2-player mode or from a specific position. The powerful processor delivers lightning-fast response times at all game levels. The design has been completely modernized compared to the previous model: super slim, modern and with stylish pieces that fit well in the hand.

2 Minute Review & Unboxing Videos


You can set an almost unlimited number of difficulty levels. Tournament levels are available for particularly strong players, which challenge even very good club players with up to 2,200 ELO. The easy game levels have been further optimized so that even absolute chess beginners can win. Up to 12 games can be stored and reloaded in the device. Alternative computer moves, different playing styles and 3 options for the opening books round off the chess experience. For maximum freedom, a level with freely adjustable times, number of moves and increment is available.

The chess computer can abandon games or offer draws. The optional chess trainer warns of bad moves, offers their takeback and makes suggestions for better moves. The help button shows possible moves in the game - either for all pieces or only for the selected piece. Even the names of the openings played are shown on the display if desired.


The ChessGenius Pro is equipped with the latest MILLENNIUM pressure sensing technology. The extra smooth chess board of 20 x 20 cm (8“ x 8“) ensures enjoyment! The high-contrast color display with the modernized user interface allows quick access to all functions. With 14 languages for all menu and help texts, there is the right language for everyone!

All menu items are provided with help texts in the selected language. You don't know what a certain setting does? One press of the ? button and you know - without the need for an instruction manual!

Power saving: The device works with batteries, NiMH rechargeable batteries or the optional M811 power supply. The device detects periods of non-use and then automatically switches to power saving mode.


The magnetic pieces allow the game even on the go. They cling to the board surface even when it’s in motion. They are easily and safely stored in the included cotton piece bag.

The main switch on the back of the device allows you to completely disconnect the power supply. So you can simply take your ChessGenius Pro with you and play wherever you happen to be spending your free hours.

Intelligence by: ChessGenius

The chess computer contains one of the most famous chess engines of all times: ChessGenius by Richard Lang. The Englishman, with his 10 world championship titles in computer chess, is without a doubt considered one of the most successful chess programmers of all time. ChessGenius Pro includes the latest version of his legendary program.


  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.6" x 8.3" x .98"
  • 4 AA batteries required - NOT included
  • Languages: EN / DE / FR / NL / IT / ES / POL / DK / SE / FI / NO / CZ / HU / SLO


Technical Details:

Chess specific properties

Suitable for

For beginners as well as for advanced players, tournament & club players

Playing strength

About 2200 ELO

Game pieces included

Chess piece set with piece felt

Magnetic pieces


Pieces tray


Dimensions chessboard

20 x 20 cm (8" x 8")


4,8 cm



Checkerboard technology

Pressure sensor board, Millennium High sensitivity technology

Display with illumination



ARM Cortex M4 / 120 MHz


160 KB




ChessGenius, 2016


Richard Lang

Device languages

14 (DEU / ENG / FRE / NLD / SPA / ITA / POL / DAN / SWE / FIN / NOR / CES / HUN / SLO)

Menu system

Text-based, all device languages


Power supply

Batteries necessary



4 x AA/LR06

Batteries included


Power supply connection

Can be used with optional add on power supply unit M811.  (See SELECT ACCESSORIES above)


Dimensions and weights

Product dimensions

29,5 x 21,2 x 2,5 cm (11.6" x 8.3" x 1")

Item weight

approx. 550 g (1.21 lb)


Model number and age recommendation

Model number

EAN 4032153008158

Age recommended by the manufacturer

8 - 99 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rick Moore
Perfect in every way!

Pros: Very attractive new design. Pieces are beautiful and with magnetic bases. Pressure sensitivity when moving pieces is just right... very little pressure needed. Superb display and menu design. Saves games for review and analysis. Great selection of levels. Nice compact size. I'm an 800. -1200 ELO casual player and beat it on my first try on "Fun Level 1" with "perm. Brain" turned off. It was a very fun long game and gave me a challenge. Two extra queens are included. The price is great for such a nice product. This order was filled by the great team at Chess House who have always been superb! Their customer care is always excellent! I love this product and highly recommend it for all levels of chess players.
Cons: A minor preference on my part - I would have liked a storage compartment on the bottom for storing pieces, but the excellent slim profile may have kept that from being a possibility. I do love the slim design after all and a nice drawstring bag is included for storing the pieces. I have no other cons whatsoever.

claude lampron
genius pro 2024

c'est un beau petit jeu, très performant, pour un joueur moyen c'est tout un défi et c'est très motivant, si on veut pas s'ennuyer et qu'on a l'esprit de compétition c'est l'outil qu'il nous faut et on en a pour notre argent.

hourglass guy
New Genius Pro: better style than the previous genius

I agree with everything in Chuch Moody's 10/19/23 review. I have nothing of substance to add to his judgments about the Millennium Chess Genius Pro 2024 model M815.

But I will repeat once again what many of the reviews on this site say: Chess House customer service is second to none.

Mark James
NCGP 2024

Perfect for my particular needs. Saves up to 12 games. Highly portable [use a plastic 8.5 x 11 inch file box w/ handle for transport]. Strong magnets. Concerns? Info from THEIR site is still minimal on this model. Chesshouse is the best!

Chuck moody
New Chess genius pro 2024

First off, Once again my whole experience with the purchase of my new Millennium Chess Genius Pro 2024 from Chess House has just been fantastic. After checking prices online, I found that Chess House indeed had the best price. I Placed my order Friday the 13th and received my Merchandise on the 16th. Wow, that was fast!! My Chess computer was well packaged and arrived safe and sound. After playing several games I was able to adjust the playing strength to match my own and I just had a lot of fun with this new machine. Here is my review of this new chess computer.
The Millennium Chess Genius Pro 2024 model M815 is certainly a fantastic upgrade from the standard Chest Genius Pro M812. It has some nice bells and whistles that make it an absolute joy to play. A color LED readout lets you clearly see everything that is going on. The chess pieces are a really nice new design that look and feel good, and yes they included extra queens. The pieces are magnetic with a nice magnetism that is proper for their size and weight, and the black pieces have a gray offset in their color that makes them easier to visualize on the solid black squares. Operation is simple and straightforward, and most will only need a brief review of the owner’s manual to get started. You can now save up to 12 games and replay them anytime. You can fully adjust the playing strength, along with a new feature that allows you to pick from several styles of play which makes this new Chess Genius Pro Perfect for the new beginner as well as seasoned pros. I found that taking back a move has been made easy and straightforward on this machine, a feature I find very refreshing since I make a lot of mistakes. The computer will now even offer you a draw or resignation, which is nice. You can also choose different chess piece designs for your LED readout. There is a solid on/off switch separate from the on/off button that is thoughtfully recessed to prevent the power from being accidentally turned off. This also prevents the unit from being accidentally turned on when running on batteries which is a feature I particularly like.
I played the old machine versus the new machine. They're both rated at the same strength and The game ended in a draw. Also, when you win by checkmate, you are rewarded with the sound of a cheering crowd how cool. Millennium is releasing the in-depth Detailed manual next week, so I'm looking forward to that. Below I've included some pictures of a comparison of the old Chess genius pro on the right and the new chess genius pro on the left and a photo of the new pieces with the slight gray offset Which makes them easier to see.

In conclusion, I personally really like the new Millennium Chess Genius Pro 2024. The folks at Millennium have done a fantastic job at keeping things simple and easy while giving a much-needed upgrade to the old model, and at a price we all can enjoy.

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