Millennium Chess in Germany produces some of the best chess computers you can play against. When there's no one else to play chess at your level and you need to practice and enjoy the game on your schedule, a Millennium Chess Computers will be your friend and partner.

The lineup starts with Master II, best for young players who are beginners. Then the Chess Genius and Chess Genius Pro are the most popular, affordable, and feature rich choices.

The latest release, King Performance combines some of the luxury of the already highly successful Exclusive in a single self-contained beautiful chess board of a very comfortable size and intuitive design.

The Exclusive is the ultimate chess playing machine with auto-sensing piece recognition and even ways to expand or add-on. For example the King Element provides an alternative module with a completely new experience based on the King chess engine by Johan Koning.

Both the King Performance and the Exclusive bluetooth connect with the expansion device Chess Link. For the chess connoisseur or hobbiest, there are so many ways to enjoy the game!

Buying your Millennium Chess product from Chess House gives you the ultimate peace of mind with Chess House's no hassle, 90 Day 100% Satisfaction guarantee and available access to friendly support.

Watch: Advantages of Automatic Piece Recognition

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