Mephisto Phoenix M - Chess Computer with 15.7 inch Chess Board

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About The Mephisto Phoenix M - Chess Computer with 15.7 inch Chess Board

Mephisto Phoenix is the most powerful personal chess computer ever made.

This incredible combo includes the powerful Mephisto Phoenix module, a 15.7" luxury wooden chessboard, and beautifully crafted wooden chess pieces for an immersive, natural playing experience. With lightning-fast RFID piece recognition, you can move the pieces naturally while the module takes care of the rest. Setting up custom chess positions is as easy as child's play.

The Mephisto Phoenix module comes in a modern glass touch screen design with a striking wood frame that pairs perfectly with the board. Featuring both the newest computing technologies and retro engines from decades past, it is the perfect home station for chess lovers of all ages, playing strengths, and experience levels. 

Onboard WiFi means the unit can stay current with updates as they are released. The most recent update in January 2024 includes native online play through liChess.

About the Mephisto Phoenix: 

The Mephisto Phoenix is a UCI-based multi-engine chess computer that provides access to a huge variety of chess gaming. From a very simple level suitable for absolute beginners to the grandmaster level, the Phoenix offers the widest playing strength range ever provided by a chess computer, offering countless options to adjust the playing strength to your individual needs.

With four different top-class engines, including Shredder Neuronal and Stockfish NNUE, the Phoenix is the world’s first dedicated chess computer using the most modern neuronal engine technologies and can reach a performance of over 3400 ELO. Shredder also offers a highly interesting new function with its fully automatic self-adapting playing strength (with estimated ELO rating), allowing you to continuously monitor your progress and see how much you have improved through training with the computer.

The evaluation bar beside the chess board tells you at first glance how the engine rates the position. Any blunders are quickly noticed that way and you always have a sense of how well your game is going.

Great opening training options

The machine comes with a library of different opening books, including the biggest opening book ever provided by a dedicated chess computer with over 1,000,000 positions from master play. The system is also expanded with 23 classical chess computer emulations running at a high speed, including the legendary "Mephisto Glasgow" world championship program of 1984, which can run at a speed of approximately 66 times faster than the original machine.

A speed bar control allows you to easily control the emulation speed or set it to the speed of the original chess computer, with buttons and display layout mirroring the original layouts.

Updates for the system come via WiFi directly on the unit, and additional software can be installed with the press of a button from the webstore.

The Mephisto Phoenix is the perfect unit for chess enthusiasts who wish to own the most powerful chess computer ever made, building a bridge between past glory days and today's modern style of playing chess. If you're interested in modern engine technologies and seeing how they evaluate or like to play with retro chess computers and see how these programs perform on modern hardware, the Mephisto Phoenix is the right choice for you.

MEPHISTO (Exclusive Style) Sensor Board and Pieces

The "M" chessboard features a Mephisto logo, 81 dimmable LEDs (4 per square) and fully automatic piece recognition with ultra-fast and reliable RFID scanning technology. This is ideal for setting up positions quickly and easily. Expert attention is given to fine tune the real wood veneer to compliment the module and pieces.  

 The set includes 34 skillfully crafted solid wood chess pieces in the classic "Timeless" design, with a near 3" king. While designed specifically for use with the Mephisto Phoenix, these board and pieces are compatible with Millennium Exclusive boards and pieces.

Technical details

Chess specific properties

Suitable for

all chess lovers, from children to grandmasters

Playing strength

up to over 3400 ELO

Pieces included

Yes, handmade real wood premium chess pieces with integrated RFID chip, piece felt and weights

Additional pieces

2 queens additionally included

Magnetic pieces


Piece compartment

Piece storage in premium packaging

Measurements of chess board

15.75 x 15.75 inches

King's height

2.83 inches



Chessboard technology

ultra-fast RFID figure recognition

Display with illumination

Yes, 7” Colour TFT Touchscreen with 1024 x 600 px resolution


1.5G 64 Bit Quadcore processor

CPU clock frequency



4 GB

Connection board computer

Standard mini-Din cable, 4 pin




Shredder 13.5, Komodo 14.1, Hiarcs 14.2, Stockfish 15 NNUE


Package with 20 different chess computer emulations contained

Device languages

5 (DEU / ENG / FRA / NLD / SPA)

Menu system

Text-based / Graphic, All device languages


Yes, via WIFI and USB


Play online

App Integration

Now available with latest update.

Supported servers


Power Supply

Batteries required


Power supply connection

Yes, 100 - 240V 50/60 Hz Input - 9V 4A Output

Power supply included

Yes, with interchangeable attachments for EU / UK / US


Measurements & Weights

Dimensions chessboard

15.75 x 15.75 x 0.79 inches

Dimensions computer unit

7.1 x 5.12 x 3,54 inches

Length connecting cable

39.37 inches

Article weight



Model number & age recommendation

Model number


Age recommended by manufacturer

10 Years & Up


Mephisto Phoenix Manual

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter Hyatt
Old Mephisto Quality

It is a high quality life purchase and that it can be updated is to make it complete. Playing against the Mephisto engines of yesterday is to keep the wonderful hobby going. Very high quality board and pieces and now playing against family via Lichess. Wonderful to own.

Roberto Navarro
Amazing quality

This machine remember me the old Mephisto products. High tech and incredible quality.

Rakhi Oyewole
Mephisto Phoenix M - Chess Computer with 15.7 inch Chess Board

My husband has been wanting this for ages and loves it!

Dave Galiati

We are going to keep the Chess
Computer,thank you very much,
it's very nice.


Hello all,
i got the Computer with 15.7 inch Chess Board. I agree with some of the shortcomings descried by others but it has so much more pros . Simply put its fantastic! i had no issues to connect to WIFI at home, the unit does not make any noise even after 1 hour playing . i did set NNUE with search generates more heat at least i noticed when playing on desktop 16 core Stockfish or Komodo Dragon 3 NNUE 60 C without its 47 C but on this phoenix unit not much difference.
I pre ordered it from Millennium site so got a great deal but even at full price i would have gotten it. yes I'm a crazy chess lover. 4 modern era engines are super strong specially SF15 . i love to have retro engines , but yes its kind of difficult to set anything there..i did go to FORUM called Mephisto phoenix Owners Lounge and wow smart fellow chess players have written many useful instructions there. Millennium will hopefully listen to owners and make desired changes , and we all hope soon ChessLink with Lichess will be implemented. The more time i spent with the computer with help from internet forums the more i leaned to giving it 5 stars.
English is my second language so i spare you from further torture with final verdict..Go and get it but be warned like myself you might be tired for a weeks i cannot stop playing and experimenting with it staying up late night.
I got the king performance from chess house same great experience that's why i wrote review here.
cheers, Peter