Chess Clocks

Time management is an important skill and chess clocks ensure fairness in the amount of time for both players. Not only do they ensure games finish on time, chess clocks add an element of strategy and excitement to the game.

Here's a summary of benefits for common chess clock models to help you choose the ideal timer, starting with five timers that offer delay(*) or other advanced functions.

Chess Clocks with delay(*)

DGT 3000 is deluxe model by DGT with large display, all basic and special timing features, connects to DGT e-board, FIDE standards (Personal, Pro)

VTEK300 is extremely durable, USA made design, with very large number of features and customization options that's also very easy to learn. (Personal, Pro)

ZMF II made in US, touch sensor, plenty of features, and unique large LED display, half the price of chronos, with similar functionality (Personal, Club, School)

DGT North American best balance of features and price for most players. Many custom settings and large display (Personal, Club, Event, School)

DGT1002 very economical digital clock, easy to set, with bonus(**) time feature (Event, Class, School, Personal)

Economical clocks without delay(*)

DGT1001 the most economical digital clock (Event, Class, School)

Club Chess Clock is a basic wind-up style budget analog display clock with the time expiration indicated by the classic red flag. (School, Personal)

Quartz Chess Clock basic single AA battery operated clock with large analog display, a design that has been around for decades. (School, Event, Club)

Chess Clocks Manuals and How-To Guide

Understanding your chess clock makes chess far more enjoyable! Visit our Electronic Chess Clock Manuals page to see some of the manuals before you purchase. 

Your chess clock doesn't have a manual? New to chess clocks? Read this quick How to Operate a Chess Clock article for tips and advice. 

*About the Delay Feature. Most tournaments and organized events now require a timer capable of "delay" timing. A set amount of time, usually 5 seconds is inserted before a player's move. The benefit is that when a player is almost running out of time and in danger of losing based on time expiration, the 5 seconds always ensures at least a minimum amount of time available. 

** While Delay and Bonus time function in a similar way, delay does not increase a player's time if they make a move faster than the provided delay. With Bonus time a player can gain extra time by playing faster than the bonus time provided.

Chess Clocks Products

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