Chess Boards

For most players a vinyl roll-up chess board is entry level chess board useful at home, casual blitz chess with a friend, or club, or yes, competitive play in scholastic or major events. This all-purpose standard 20" x 20" chess board will be easily recognized at any event and is sized well to be creative with many styles of chess pieces available. If you're unsure of color, choose green because it helps with concentration and is relaxing to eyes.

Wooden Chess boards come in a variety of types and flavors and make up the majority of chess boards in terms of options and styles. Wooden boards are typically suited for home use and display, though padded bags can provide protection to allow more mobility to travel.

Novelty chess boards, such as silicone boards, rubber backed (or mouse pad) and flex pad chess boards with cloth surface can be folded and offer greater flexibility for storage.  The silicone and flex pad boards are a great choice for the frequent traveler with limited space.

"What a beautiful selection. I had a difficult time choosing just one set! I decided upon a marble chess set that is gorgeous and which I was very excited to give it as a gift. I highly recommend Chess House for their product array as well as excellent customer service. My shipment arrived very well packed and damage-free."
Kirsten D.