The DGT E-board brings a real physical chess experience to your home and allows the use of cutting edge software to maximize your PC chess play and study while relieving your eyes from the strain of staring at a computer screen.

USB: Enjoy one of three delightful wood DGT USB Electronic chess board options while playing one of many compatible chess software programs on your PC.


+ Bluetooth: Connect to this elegant rosewood electronic chessboard utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology with nearly any robust chess software running on your PC.

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Walnut DGT USB Electronic Chess Board Rosewood DGT USB Electronic Chess Board Wenge DGT USB Electronic Chess Board Rosewood DGT + Bluetooth Electronic Chess Board

DGT Wood Chess Pieces

The following six designs are available with either the USB or Bluetooth chessboards. Each piece has a unique chip that allows it to be recognized electronically.

Classic DGT chess pieces Timeless DGT chess pieces Royal DGT chess pieces Venus DGT chess pieces Ebony DGT chess pieces Official FIDE (2013) DGT chess pieces

DGT Pi Electronic Chess Computer

Enhance your experience further with the DGT Pi. The Pi combines DGT's raspberry red DGT 3000 Chess clock with a Raspberry Pi mini computer, customized specifically to work perfectly with your electronic board, allowing you to play against several different chess engines virtually anywhere.

DGT Revelation II - The Ultimate

If you're adventurous and budget is not of primary concern, there's the ultimate creation: the Revelation II. Designed for your ultimate chess playing experience, Revelation II is the perfect combination of a luxurious wooden tournament sized chess board and integrated chess computer. It offers luxury features found nowhere else.

  • Board top LEDs indicate the computer's move
  • Import the strongest chess engines available (playing strength 2800+)
  • Analyze your games using famous world class chess engines
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Play against internet opponents, Broadcast live games and more


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"What a beautiful selection. I had a difficult time choosing just one set! I decided upon a marble chess set that is gorgeous and which I was very excited to give it as a gift. I highly recommend Chess House for their product array as well as excellent customer service. My shipment arrived very well packed and damage-free."
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