Giant Chess Sets

There are endless places to have fun with a giant chess set. Beyond your own yard, there are resorts, parks, campgrounds, hotels, sports areas, timeshares, children's hospitals, anywhere there's a large flat surface to play.

Lynden's Rotary built a custom concrete play surface into their park, spring of 2020. It is designed for the Chess House 25" Giant Chess Set.


Here's why 1000's of customers are delighted with their purchase of Giant Chess from Chess House.

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Ways to Configure a 25" Giant Chess Set

Our 25" Giant Chess Set is made from strong, polyurethane plastic that can be played year round in all weather. The design is familiar and welcoming to players worldwide. Chances are good that you have seen one at a hotel or resort.

Weighing just a few pounds each, the pieces are fun to play. For windy areas, detachable threaded 9.5" diameter bases allow added weight as desired.

Often, the 25" Giant Chess Set Combo is purchased for quick setup and take-down. It includes the Nylon mat. But there are several ways to configure it depending on your needs.

  • Fast and Easy Day Use - Chess House 9 ft Quick-fold Nylon Mat can be setup in 15 seconds for party or day-use. It's best for lawns and has corner grommets if you wish to stake it down. It folds into a supplied storage bag and weighs just a few pounds.
  • Days or Weeks - Chess House 8 ft PVC Flex Mat sets up in 10-15 minutes and features a safety edge to minimize hazard of tripping. It can be left out for days, weeks or even months at a time.
  • Permanent - design your own. Create your own play surface with pavers, poured concrete, or painted surface with squares ranging from 14" to 20".

Fast and Easy

15s setup on grass

Multi-day or Months

10min setup, safety edge


Install your own

Other Giant Chess Set Sizes

  • 16" Giant Chess Set is significantly smaller than the 25" set in overal space requirement. It includes a 5 1/2' square mat and is easier to transport and store. The pieces sizes range from 16" King to 8.75" pawn.
  • 12" Large Chess Set is great for young kids and elementary schools. The mat is 57" square. The pieces size range from the 12" King to the 8" pawn.
  • 8" Large Chess Set includes a 36" square board and the piece sizes range from 8" down to 4 1/4".

Buy a Giant Chess Set

These giant chess set ship fast and safe from Chess House. You have our full satisfaction guarantee and 90 days to return for a full refund. It's easy to obtain replacement pieces if needed. To order, click Add to Cart on any product page and follow the steps to for fast and easy checkout.

Buying my new chess set was a breeze!!! So excited to be able to have this outdoor chess set in my yard! Thank you so much!


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