A chess set with storage built-in or provided is the best way to keep all the pieces together and ready for games when you decide to play chess. Here are some of the best chess sets with storage at Chess House.

Some chess sets come with chest storage beneath the board. The benefit of chest storage is that the board is completely smooth and flat with no lines running through the middle. Chest storage also raises the board for play or in other cases, the board can be played separately from the chest. It keeps everything together and for this reason is always a good choice.

If you prefer something that can fold and fit more compactly for storage, a folding storage chessboard might be for you. You'll have to accept the groove that runs through the middle of the board however.

Another option is a chess set with a smooth, flat board and separate box or bag storage. These choices are also shown here.


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"What a beautiful selection. I had a difficult time choosing just one set! I decided upon a marble chess set that is gorgeous and which I was very excited to give it as a gift. I highly recommend Chess House for their product array as well as excellent customer service. My shipment arrived very well packed and damage-free."
Kirsten D.