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Transform any room into a stylish and engaging environment with our exquisite collection of chess tables at Chess House. Our tables create dedicated spaces for chess and checkers games, enhancing room aesthetics and sparking conversations.

At Chess House, your satisfaction is our priority. Every purchase of a chess table is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring peace of mind with your investment.


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JLP Walnut Maple Premium Hardwood Chess Table
Sale price$989.00 USD
Walnut Player's Chess Table USA
Sale price$899.00 USD
Save $40.00
Game Table - 3 in 1 With Reversible Top
Sale price$229.00 USD Regular price$269.00 USD
23.5" Italian Marble Chess Table
Sale price$1,700.00 USD
Walnut Maple Premium Hardwood Chess Table (WITHOUT CHESSBOARD SURFACE) - Table - Chess-House
Sold out
19" Four In One Game Table
Sale price$225.00 USD
20" Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon Table
Sale price$800.00 USD
Save $10.00
Set of Two Chairs For 3 in 1 Game Table
Sale price$69.00 USD Regular price$79.00 USD
Chess Table Surface Insert - JLP, USA - Board - Chess-House
Chess Table Surface Insert - JLP, USA
Sale price$99.00 USD
Save $150.00
23" Ultimate Italian Game Table - Table - Chess-House
23" Ultimate Italian Game Table
Sale price$1,950.00 USD Regular price$2,100.00 USD
27" Roma Chess and Checkers Table
Sale price$621.50 USD
Game Table - 3 in 1 With Reversible Top and 2 Chairs - Table - Chess-House
Chess Table with 2 Chairs
Sale price$298.00 USD
Genuine Italy Alabaster Chess Table - Table - Chess-House
Genuine Italian Marble Chess Table
Sale price$2,900.00 USD
Save $100.00
Walnut Maple Premium Hardwood Chess Table (DISCOUNTED FOR IMPERFECTION)
Sale price$889.00 USD Regular price$989.00 USD

Quality and Customization

From budget-conscious options to luxurious, high-end designs, our tables are made using only the finest materials like oak, walnut, rosewood, and exotic sheesham wood. They are the perfect addition to your home and make a fun experience for guests.

Pair your table of choice with our unique collections of luxury chess pieces. You can also go for stone, metal, or themed chess set pieces to suit your unique tastes. Some are only available at Chess House, making them the ideal collector’s set for display in your home. 

Chess Tables to Last a Lifetime

Crafted from durable materials like maple and ebony, our chess tables are guaranteed to last years of play.

Grab one of our unique chess set collections, like the metal, artists design, or heirloom collection chess sets, to complete the package. Some of the tables even come with special chess chairs to complete the chess table setup.

If you lose any of the pieces, don’t worry. Chess House keeps an inventory of replacement pieces for all the chess piece sets we sell. With easy, hassle-free replacement, you can trust the Chess House commitment to 100% customer satisfaction with every piece you buy.

Shop Luxury Chess Board Tables at Chess House

When buying a chess table set for your home, consider the size of the table and the available space. Also, match your style as you choose between traditional or modern tables in materials like maple or rosewood.

Some of our tables feature game storage and replaceable tops you can swap for a game of backgammon. Assess the set’s craftsmanship, design, and finish to get a classic or modern table you can treasure for years to come.

Need Assistance?

The Chess House team is committed to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. No matter what you need, our team is ready to help you find the perfect chess table.

Whether you’re looking for an American-made walnut maple chess table or a rare Italian marble game table, we have what you need. If you’re buying one for a chess club, a school, or any other institution, Chess House makes it easy to order online with a purchase order.