Luxury Chess Computers

The following are the very best chess computers to enjoy in your home while you learn, play, and even connect with others online.

Chess Classics Exclusive is our number one recommended luxury electronic chess game designed to play against the computer. The auto-sensing pieces allow for easy piece movement and the module with large display contains to of the top chess engines ever made. It will help you practice and learn from your opening moves. It's very easy to set up and play from custom chess positions - excellent for practicing strategies at different phases of the game. You can expand the Classics Exclusive by adding the optional ChessVolt for battery power or the ChessLink for online or app play.

Millennium Luxe Edition is the Exclusive board on a raised cabinet with the Volt and Link inside, providing extra battery power and the Bluetooth connectivity all while concealing the modular parts. It's designed specifically for Online and App play and does not come with a chess engine module.

Supreme Tournament 55 is the large tournament size chess board and pieces that can be powered by the Classics Element engine (offline play) or the ChessLink (online play).

DGT Electronic Chess Board + Pi is the premium combination from the DGT brand. This luxury board and full size pieces in combination with the Pi provides the board and chess play engine that many players enjoy. It offers some very advanced functionality and is worth exploring if you are serious about study and play.


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