Here at Chess House, we believe success starts at home. And having the ideal chess set in your home is a proven way to engage young minds while keeping face to face time alive and the family together

I believe in you, your desire to enjoy chess, and your ability to make a positive impact in your sphere of influence. With chess, you can make a difference anywhere—in your classroom, workplace, mission, and among friends.

Your creativity and resourcefulness has come to the right place and you will be thrilled.



What's the deal with Chess House


You're on the hunt for the ideal chess set. We make it fun, easy, and safe to get it.

Here are the top reasons people love to shop this store.


1. Products are play tested and warehoused right here. We believe in these products we sell because we've tested, played, photographed, and discussed nearly all of them.


2. Buy with Confidence 110% Guarantee.

You have reassurance that no matter what, we're here to make your experience a good one. If something goes wrong, we give personal attention on finding a good-faith resolution. What's more, if you decide to return a product, the 110% guarantee means that you can request a gift card credit option of 110% which is higher than the normal refund amount.


3. Free Shipping in the U.S. 48 states and competitive worldwide shipping rates.

We offer a variety of reliable shipping options and rates to meet your particular needs, free or discounted 30% on average below our cost. We don't profit from shipping costs - instead we take a significant loss.


4. Safe delivery: orders are packing with care.

Over the years it's something Chess House has become known for... unique packing techniques to deliver your order well and safe! From the earliest days of Chess House, books receive their own special wrapping.


5. No Junk Products.

We hate poorly made products. (yes, mom said don't hate, but we feel there are exceptions - we are disgusted with poorly made products and make a point of helping you avoid them). When you're shopping online, it's good to know which stores are willing to sell a better product - because it's better - over profits. No cutting corners. Don't be fooled by unscrupulous or uninformed sellers.


6. Six Months Easy Returns.

You have a full 6 months to change your mind and return items. This backs up the confidence we offer in offering quality products we believe you'll love. Start your return here or with any link provided after delivery. https://www.chesshouse.com/return


7. All the good things you should expect from a reputable online store.

  • Secure, safe, efficient buying experience
  • Many payment options (4 major Credit Cards, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Purchase Orders, even Checks, and Money Orders).
  • Rapid, safe dispatch of your order to nearly any place in the world.
  • Easy returns and great guarantee



A message from the owner

As teens, my brothers and I felt the world needed Chess House, a home to source chess products from the every-day to the exceptional and unique.

One of my earliest memories was my family discovering chess at home. Over the next 25 years, chess remained a passion for our family as we competed in events around the nation and become very familiar with the world of chess.

It became a catalyst for creativity and discovery, and even entrepreneurism.

So, a generation ago we teens and our friends sought supplies to fuel the pursuit. What started with a box of books at home, through persistence and sometimes naïve dedication became Chess House - to serve you!

Now, we bring you vetted, useful and interesting products… with a little kindness, fun, and our unwavering commitment to take care of you.

If you’re not sure where to start or even what you need, shopping for chess online can be downright confusing and overwhelming.

That's why Chess House is here to help you when

  • introducing chess to a child for the first time
  • teaching a class
  • training in the workplace
  • traveling the world
  • entertaining resort clientele
  • easing the pain of a hospital recovery
  • or connecting with a loved one.

There are countless ways to fit chess into your lifestyle, your workplace, your community, and of course your home.


Chess House has a very unique selection of products from whimsical to practical, with many exclusive items found nowhere else

Shop with total peace of mind and the guarantee we’re here to help you—even when you need a part for something purchased years earlier.

We’d like to earn your business and your trust as you shop and make ChessHouse.com your favorite online store.


As you integrate chess in your life, you may have an inspiring story to share.

Who knows, it could become a movie someday, like Robert Katende who taught chess in the slums of Uganda and trained the female Chess Master, Phiona Mutesi (the Queen of Katwe). This young woman reached beyond her life circumstances and is now preparing to attend college and improve her family’s life.

I value the opportunity to feature your creativity and inspiration. And if you have not yet joined the Chess House email weekly, be sure to subscribe and enjoy the tips and inspiration.

Raphael Neff,

P.S. I believe that the intellectual and character development of this generation matters more than ever—and that’s why Chess House exists today.