Chess in every home

In this tech-obsessed world, we encourage people to connect with each other over a great game.

When you shop at Chess House, you receive more than a beautiful chess set. You practice a language that engages your mind in healthy ways and opens the door to positive personal connection.

Imagine a generation of people who make better strategic choices, respect others, demonstrate gratitude and personal responsibility, and accomplish something self-less and remarkable.

We deliver chess sets that bring joy to people

It began as a family hobby and a box of books over 25 years ago. The young Neffs wanted to improve at chess - and help friends with the same goal.

Today, more than ever, it's about excellence, caring for people and sharing a passion for the game.

You're shopping the most consumer-friendly online source for chess sets and training resources.

Be delighted with a great chess set for your home, school, business, or any of the myriad unique ways you may enjoy the game!

3 reasons you'll be glad you shopped at Chess House

Unique Selection

of vetted products

We've designed, tested, played, photographed, and warehoused them so you can be assured they are vetted and reliable. Because they are packed with care, expect safe arrival. Over the years, we've developed better packing techniques to delivery products safely.

100% Satisfaction

90 Day Guarantee, Easy Returns

We're a relentlessly helpful, friendly, and available team. Call 1-800-348-4749 or message us right from this page. You have reassurance that no matter what, we're here to make your experience a good one. You have a full 90 days to change your mind and return items without restocking fees.

Easy Parts

Replacements if you every need them

If you ever need parts for a set you purchased here, even years later, enjoy reassurance that your set is not a loss because we can easily identify and source replacement parts if they are lost or broken.