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Chess pieces continue to fascinate and thrill both collectors and players. Designs range for every-day club and personal use to decorative and display. This collection by Chess House is a unique selection of chess pieces that span a wide variety of needs.

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This page contains information about pieces in general as well as advice on how to buy chess pieces that meet your unique needs.

Because the pieces vary so much in appearance, size, feel, and function, many players own more than a few sets.

  • A set of inexpensive plastic pieces is all that a starting player needs for the club.
  • Wood pieces are long-lasting, visually interesting, and good for both new and experienced players.
  • A luxury set of wood pieces might be the elegance sought for weekly games in the living room.
  • Stone, marble, or alabaster looks great on display, for the occasional slow game.
  • Theme chess pieces bring an imaginative spin to the chess game.
  • Silicone pieces are fun, colorful, and safe



The rule of thumb for matching chess pieces to a board is that the base diameter of the pieces fits about 75% of the square. This is only a general guideline that applies mostly to competitive style pieces. A theme or other decorative set can occupy 80% or more of the square and still look fine.

In the description of the chess pieces, we publish the base diameter so that you can estimate the fit on a chessboard you own or plan to purchase.

If you prefer to shop for pieces already matched with chessboards start on the Chess Sets page.



For young players starting out, we recommend Club and Tournament Chess Pieces.

For school clubs and classes where group instruction is taking place, Club and Tournament Chess Pieces are best. See also Club Starter Kits and Club Chess Sets.

Already own a flexible or wooden chess board? Be sure to check out our Wooden Pieces for a handcrafted design that will fit your budget and color needs.

For casual to competitive play at all levels, Plastic Chess Pieces offer a variety of more heavily weighted or detailed chess piece designs that chess players enjoy.



The classic game of chess is played on 64 squares and each player starts with 32 chess pieces on the board. Each player has

  • 1 King
  • 1 Queen (sometimes one extra that doesn't begin play)
  • 2 Rooks
  • 2 Bishops
  • 2 Knights
  • 8 Pawns

When the King piece is under attack and cannot escape, checkmate has been played, ending the game!

The Queen piece is the most powerful because it can move in any direction (ranks, files, or diagonals), any distance, not jumping others, however.

The Rook pieces begin in the corners of the chessboard and move vertically or horizontally on ranks and files.

The Knights move in "L" patterns are are the only piece that can "jump" over other pieces!

The Pawns march forward only, yet have special abilities such as the diagonal capture of other pieces, en passant capture, and best of call their crowning achievement - making it all the way across the board to be promoted to a Queen or other piece.



For additional questions about piece weight, replacement pieces and more, view the Chess Pieces Guide and F.A.Q.

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