Tournament Chess Sets

These exclusive Chess House tournament chess sets are perfect for professional and competitive play. Their durability and playability make them perfect for repeated use, especially in a busy club setting or when hosting chess tournaments.

Whether you choose the portable vinyl club chess set or the ornate Championship Chess set made of black ebonized boxwood, each one meets standard regulations. They’re exact replications of chess boards and chessmen used in major international chess tournaments to comply with International Chess Federation (FIDE) regulations.


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Basic Club Chess Set
Sale price$17.00 USD Regular price$19.50 USD
Quality Regulation Chess Set - Chess Set - Chess-House
Quality Regulation Chess Set
Sale price$19.50 USD
Heavy Club Chess Set
Sale price$27.00 USD
The Championship Chess Set Combo
Sale price$249.00 USD
Save $101.00
Standard Chess Sets 20-Pack (up to 40 players) - Chess Set - Chess-House
Standard Chess Sets 20-Pack (up to 40 players)
Sale price$279.00 USD Regular price$380.00 USD
The Grandmaster Chess Set Combo
Sale price$289.00 USD
Save $251.00
Standard Chess Sets 40-Pack (up to 80 players) - Chess Set - Chess-House
Standard Chess Sets 40-Pack (up to 80 players)
Sale price$509.00 USD Regular price$760.00 USD
Heirloom Grandmaster Chess Set
Sale price$569.00 USD

Buy Tournament-Ready Chess Kits

Our exclusive Chess House tournament chess sets are specifically designed for competitive play. These offer some of the best durability and professional chess play features, making them suitable for events ranging from local tournaments to national competitions.

What makes these sets perfect for chess competitions include:

  • Standardized chess squares
  • Standard chess piece design, e.g., king designed with crown and cross finial
  • Durable materials, such as vinyl, hardwood boards, and boxwood
  • Luxurious finishing and craftsmanship 

Each chess piece is meticulously crafted to ensure no delicate points that may chip or break. Our Tournament Chess Set collection is perfect for professional play, home display, and as unique gifts for chess enthusiasts while being more affordable than our luxury Heirloom Collection chess sets.

Tournament Chess Sets With Weighted Chessmen

During fast-paced tournament games, heavily weighted chessmen prevent tipping and make the game smoother and more enjoyable. Plus, the tactile feel of a weighted chess piece, whether plastic or wood, adds to the overall satisfaction.

For really high-end tournaments, the DGT Electronic Chessboard is the ideal tournament chess set. In addition to its elegant rosewood design, it features world-class electronics so you can record and broadcast games live.

This is why the DGT eBoard is one of the official tournament chess sets used in Chess Olympiads and World Championships. Get it here at Chess House in all its glory and take your game to the highest levels.

Affordable Club-Style Chess Sets

Our collection of club-style chess sets is perfect for players of all levels. With regulation-size pieces and boards, they provide a professional playing experience ideal for club matches, classroom instruction, and home practice.

These consist of a durable vinyl FlexPad chess board and weighted plastic chess pieces, so it’s easy to carry the set around without worrying about damage.

We have competition chess sets in both green and blue colors to suit your preferences. These colors are preferred because they reduce eye strain while still providing good visual contrast, as opposed to the harsh contrast of black and white boards.

Hassle-Free, Worry-Free Tournament Chess Sets

With each tournament chess set you buy from Chess House, you can expect 100% satisfaction, thanks to our dedication to quality and reliability. 

We source our tournament chess sets from highly reputable manufacturers and craftsmen to ensure quality and offer easy piece replacements whenever you need them. Plus, our friendly and highly responsive team is always ready to help.