Chess Computers for Online Play

Play chess with others worldwide from the convenience of your living room

A thrilling dimension of the age-old game has become reality in recent years: challenging another person at your level through online play on a real chess board.

After honing your skills with the built in computer levels and scenarios for limitless play, discover a new level of intrigue by playing human-to-human games online... with the convenience and beauty of your favorite chess board.
Others in your home may even observe and celebrate your match. Choose your pace, sit down with your favorite drink, and observe the moves light up on the board.

You'll always find a ready player at your level. Transcending borders and vast distances, each game becomes a captivating narrative, a clash of wits, and an opportunity to unravel your adversary's plan and surprise them with superior moves.
Right now, you can treat yourself to a new luxurious e-board and get the online play module completely free.

Luxury electronic play

Play at any level. Keep your mind sharp.

Luxury electronic play

Play at any level. Keep your mind sharp.

Online Play Module Free
(Add module as Accessory to Computer when Adding to Cart)

Online Play Module Free
(Add module as Accessory to Set when Adding to Cart)

Free Online Play Module

Get the ChessLink module free with purchase of a compatible electronic board.
(Supreme Tournament 55 or Exclusives)

#1 Electronic Set

beautiful electronic board with touchscreen controls

Since it's launch a year ago, the Phoenix is nearing it's third software update that includes online play through lichess among other connectivity advancements. 
Phoenix is the most advanced, modular chess computer on the market. It can be added to existing Millennium wooden boards, or it can be obtained as a beautiful light and dark wood cabinet pairing with the Medium and Tournament size Phoenix boards.

Online Play Update
Coming Q1 2024

Online Play

More choices

Here are some further ideas for online chess play with an electronic chess computer.

eONE is a 12" computer that is ready to connect and play on lichess or to name a couple sites. It's integrated Bluetooth and battery mean you can turn it on and play against other people without being tethered to a room or outlet. It's fairly light weight and one of the newest developments in online chess play boards. Compatibility on is limited to Android, but iOS will work on lichess.

Millennium Luxe Edition is the Exclusive board on a raised cabinet with the Volt and ChessLink already inside, providing extra battery power and the Bluetooth connectivity all while concealing the modular parts.


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