Chess Computers for Online Play

Here are some of our best suggestions for online chess play with an electronic chess computer.

eONE is a 12" computer that is ready to connect and play on lichess or to name a couple sites. It's integrated Bluetooth and battery mean you can turn it on and play against other people without being tethered to a room or outlet. It's fairly light weight and one of the newest developments in online chess play boards. Compatibility on is limited to Android, but iOS will work on lichess. 

Square Off Pro is a unique rollup chess board with club style and size pieces. It's a clever portable design that rolls up for storage. It will connect to as well as the Square Off server.

Millennium Luxe Edition is the Exclusive board on a raised cabinet with the Volt and Link inside, providing extra battery power and the Bluetooth connectivity all while concealing the modular parts.

Square Off Grand Kingdom is the computer that will move its own pieces. When you make your moves the computer will respond by moving its own pieces. There is no chess engine inside - it release on an external app. The benefit of this is it is being continually improved. You can also watch and observe other games being played online while they are played out for you on the chess board entirely hands free. It's quite an engineering marvel.

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