Chess Computers for Young Players

These chess computers are hand picked for young players. Here's why.

Master II is compact, portable, and easily played by young players who need basic to intermediate chess levels. The small screen is better for youth than adults as well. It's inexpensive and has all the rules, hints, and even a little coaching along the way.

Chess Genius slightly larger than the Master II and adds to the levels available.

King Competition released in 2022 is all around a great computer for youth with many more options and on board lighting. It's easier to set up pieces and see what's going on.  Even on the easiest levels such as "Play and Win", novice players will be able to capture pieces and win against the computer. It has a lot more to offer than either of the previous ones.

Chess Genius Exclusive is the top of the line and has auto-sensory move input. It just makes everything even easier such as setting up custom positions.

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