Chess Gift Ideas

On an endless quest for the ideal gift related to chess?  These chess gift ideas should narrow your search quickly rather than leave you overwhelmed.

Someone's level of experience is clearly foremost. In fact, once you know what's suitable for the experienced in contrast to beginners, you're in safe territory.

Then, there are some gifts that just work for nearly all occassions as long as you know that it's unique or complimentary to what they might already own.

Relax - gift giving is an art. It expresses something about your taste just as much as it does a knowledge of what will interest the person who will be the recipient of your thoughtfulness.

Gifts for experienced players

Do you wish to gift something unique? a chess set? or a learning tool?

Here are some categories, and some top resources in each that work in nearly all instances - unless they already own it of course.

Gifts for beginners

People in your life

These people have been thrilled with the results of the gifts that were chosen.

for dads

If it's in the budget and there's space for it in the home, a fine chess board is an essential gift for dads year round. A great example of a fine chess board is demonstrated here by Raphael in this video on the topic of Father's Day. It highlights the JLP Queen Anne chess board and Grandmaster Chessmen.

Grandmother - gift for her 90th

"We were looking for a set that she could feel and that had contrast to help her play. She received the set, first out of the box, we were amazed with how beautiful it is. She is so happy playing because the pieces are large, so she isn’t making (as many) “wrong” moves . Her self esteem, while playing, has improved too, she is more sure of her decisions, because she can see the pieces better."

bright Grandson

"You get a really sweet hefty tournament sized pieces that look great. It's made really well. I carry it in my school bag most of the day and throw it around so nothing broke which definitely says it's sturdy. The flex pad is well.... Flexy obviously and works amazing for my needs. I need to carry it with me around places and can fold it in my backpack with my books and laptop then when I open it, it's like brand new doesn't bend or anything. Size is great always takes up the entire table so it's nice to play on. Nice thing is you could wash it under the sink with some light hand motions and soapy water in case you spill something. Board is great for travel chess and just carrying it around it's easy. Some prefer a wood board. I prefer this so buy whichever one you like but this is definitely worth it. I looked at Walmart and their cheap 12" boards run for 25/35$ and pieces are small plus empty on inside. These feel full and hefty for same price plus you buy from a legit chess store and feel more cool this way. Thrift stores might have some nice boards but hard to find in general this is best bang for the buck you can find for the quality and size."


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