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Parks & Resorts – King base: 9.5 ( 9 1/2")

Giant Chess a Win for Campgrounds

Bud Styer runs 9 fun, family-friendly campgrounds in Wisconsin, and says its all about the stuff. Over the past 3 years they haven't noticed any downturn in their
revenue, in fact its been very steady.

He raves about giant chess at every one of his 9 campgrounds and is an active ambassador for this low-maintenance, high-visibility giant chess game. He says, its the perfect piece!, the guys with the most toys win, and we never give our clientele a chance to get bored!

"A bunch of kids know how to play chess and they do play chess. Then there's kids that move it around and tip it over because they think that's cool", says Bud It's all fun.

Bud insists, the price point makes giant chess work for every campground owner, but its not one of those items you can get at Menard's,
Walmart, or Costco so not that many campgrounds have them.

He hears things like, wow, that's cool and sees father/son and mother/daughter pairs enjoying it for 10 or more minutes at a time. Its a family experience - and its memorable.

Bud calls ChessHouse any time he opens a new campground or in the rare event a piece goes missing.


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"Here's my favorite demo board for leading a chess class. Easy to see pieces. Easy to move pieces. Love having the red stars to highlight squares... can even pull out the dowel in the bottom edge of the demo board to use as a pointer when talking about diagonals, ranks, files, etc!"

Elliott Neff, author of a Pawn's Journey