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In rural Pennsylvania, John has a rich heritage of woodworking that runs in the family and originates in Switzerland. Precision wood working skills were passed down through five generations and today the lost art of woodworking is refined, blending timeless techniques with the latest knowledge on crafting American hardwoods.

In close partnership with Chess House, JLP creates exceptional American-made hardwood chess boards that elevate your chess playing experience. Our JLP Chess Board lineup has expanded to include unique board styles and tables, all maintaining the same exceptional quality that Chess House is renowned for: precision craftsmanship, hardwood block construction, and creating a remarkably smooth surface.

Let us introduce you to our star player, the JLP 21" Player's Chess Board. This classic premium board is perfect for home use, with 2" squares that accommodate most 3 3/4" tall wood chessmen of any wood type. As Savanni Dgerinel puts it, "Gorgeous in every way. Not much else to say. I cannot possibly be more pleased with this board."

Join us in celebrating the art of woodworking, where tradition meets innovation, and every move on our chess boards is a step toward a more luxurious and enjoyable gaming experience.

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