8" Play-Keeper Magnetic Chess Set

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  • $69.90 USD

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Product Details

When it comes to travel you need a set that's portable in size with strong magnets to keep the pieces in place.

It's a pleasure to play chess on this set with beautifully crafted wood chessmen and matching board in Rosewood color. The magnets easily keep the pieces in place on the board even if it's tilted or bumped while in use.

Wood core printed board using new technology means the surface looks amazing, the product is durable, and the cost reasonable. Design allows in-play games to be stored and continued later, similar to the Drueke Travel Set.

32 Chessmen are handcrafted in India and finished in clear coat to display real wood grain Rosewood and Boxwood

  • Felted chessboard protects any surface from scratching
  • 8x8" chessboard
  • Easy to source replacement pieces from Chess House in the future means you'll never be without a playable set.
  • Game can be stored in-play and continued later
  • Made in India
  • Storage Case: 9 x 8 3/4 x 2 1/2" (22.8 x 22.2 x 6.3 cm)
  • Weight: 2 lb 7 oz
  • Board size:7 7/8 x 7 7/8 x 3/8" (20 x 20 x 1 cm)
  • Square Size: 3/4" (2 cm)
  • Entire base green billiard felted
  • King height: 1 1/4" (3.2 cm)
  • King base: 1/2" (1.2 cm)
  • Pawn height: 3/4" (1.9 cm)
  • 32 Chessmen -- No extra queen
  • Green cloth felt bases

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
A big hit!

Got this for my son. He just loves it! It’s so elegant. He takes it to school and all kids in the chess club say they’ll order one!

You won't be sorry..

This set is handsome, as handy as can be, and wonderfully well made. You can always take it with you and play when it would be otherwise inconvenient with a larger set. It's just great to be able to take a game in progress with you to study and move at leisure. Neither is it too small! As prized as any of my worldly possessions!

Nice Set

This is a nice set! Magnets are strong and you can make out all of the pieces easily. I love that you can keep the board in the case to keep the current position. My only gripe is you can't store the captured pieces in the case while you are playing a game. Maybe if they designed the case a little deeper, however not a reason to pull off a star. I also felt it was a little pricey but everything is wood and very nice quality, so I guess you get what you pay for.

Beautiful travel set, in sturdy case

Beautiful magnetic travel set in sturdy, attractive case. Board and pieces are high quality and attractive. Magnets work very well. Great set for any kind of travel. I love my new set.

Gorgeous little travel set!

Everything about this set says quality: the smell of the well made box, the detail in the small pieces, the thick sturdy board. The pieces are finished flawlessly. In a perfect world, I would like extra queens, and maybe 25% stronger magnets in all the pieces. They do hold pretty well, but I could see if a boxed-up game in progress gets bumped a little too strongly, the pieces could shift. All in all though, still very very nice. And even more so with a discount and free shipping :-)

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