3.75" Scout Chess Pieces

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Product Details

While this set is perfect for any age player and skill level, it's the ideal first wooden chess set. The sleek chess pieces blend championship specifications with a minimalist style. In particular the knight is fashionable, yet simple. The pieces are carved by master artisans from quality boxwood and nicely weighted for a fantastic chess playing experience. They are finished with a protective clear stain. Felt bases protect a chessboard and enhance the smooth playing quality.

Features and Specs

  • 3 3/4" King
  • 1 3/4" Base
  • 2.1 oz King
  • 1 7/8" Pawn height
  • 37.2 oz set weight
  • 32 Pieces + 2 Extra queens for that occasional pawn promotion
  • Green felt bases
  • Boxwood / Ebonized* Boxwood
  • Made in India
* 'Ebonized' is a specialty stain that darkens the Boxwood to the black appearance similar to the desirable Ebony wood. This is ideal for those who like the black contrast at a reasonable price. The light pieces are finished in clear-stain Boxwood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Quality pieces and A+ customer service!!!

I highly recommend this boxwood chess set as the pieces are high quality, have a good weight, and are neither too elaborate nor exceedingly minimalist in terms of design. For the price, this collection is hard to beat.

Scout chess pieces

Good pieces. Good service

Better than picture suggests

The picture doesn't due this set justice. These pieces have a FAR better finish than most of the stuff in this price range. Not sure what they use, but they end up looking more like ebony, than ebonized. Nice looking set.

The knight is better in person than in the picture. I usually like "German" types of knights. This one executes the mane differently than the rest. It's a taller knight than most German sets use. And it results in a set where the proportions of the pieces are spot on.

The queens points are not excessively filed down like in some lower priced sets. The are twelve of them on the crown, and they come to a point. The queens are shipped with the crowns wrapped up.

I also liked the rook a lot. It's bigger than the picture suggests. I hate it when rooks are covered up by pawns, and that DOESN'T happen with this set.

One thing to note, the King base is 1 1/2", not 1 3/4' as the specs say. I thought the pictures showed that, and it's true. This set is perfect for a 2" square board.

Very happy with the set. Highly recommend it.

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